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The Fifth Element Life


( $55.00 AUD )
This 60 card deck contains unique and whimsy water coloured animal portraits, each linked to a classical element and word or mantra association. Accompanied with a beautiful and simple guidebook, this beautiful deck was over 18 months in the making and was a true labour of love for Sarah. Animals play such...

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what the coven are lovin'

messages from our kindred community

"I was immediately drawn to the design of the Confidence Mandala unknowing this energy was what I was searching for as I embark on a new professional journey. As I wear this ring I am reminded to expand outward and continue self-growth. I take note of the mountains I have climbed in the past and gain confidence to continue the forge forward. This is something we can all be reminded of on a daily basis as we search for full potential. Thank you for this beautiful reminder and motivation to keep the fire burning within."

Callie, USA

"I instantly fell in love with this piece the moment I was drawn to it after the mandala match. Before I saw which one it was connected with, I was overcome with a sensation in my throat chakra. It'll always be there to remind me and help guide me in communicating my truest self. Thanks a ton TFEL, from the bottom of my heart!"

Desiree, USA

"When I wear my rebirth Mandala I’m reminded of the person I once was and how my spirit has evolved throughout my many years of motherhood, pregnancies, babies and children. I’m reminded of the love we all share with one another. I am reminded of the moments that they were born and I in turn was rebirthed into a new type of Mumma, one that was somewhat different to the one that stood before each of their arrivals."

Alisha, Australia

"After receiving my mandala I instantly fell in love and set about becoming the designer and business woman I wanted to be. I explored new art forms and enrolled in courses to develop my skills. This talisman has impacted my life in a BIG way! When I’m wearing it I feel more creative and ready to let the art flow!"

Michelle, Australia