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The Buffalo Kin Essence – Deep acknowledgement for what you have enables you to thrive

When we see herd animals like the Buffalo, we can appreciate just how much selflessness plays in the ultimate harmonious vibrations they rely on for survival. Moving together as a group, with their own individual stances, gently and continually grazing over their landscape, surviving as a unit and thriving as a herd, these beautiful gentle giants really seem to carry an air of gratefulness with them. They have an understanding that although they may have their differences and life challenges, that ultimately to protect their species, they must tread lightly and stay together.

Buffalo move through grasslands, banding together for strength, security and community. They embody what it means to surrender ego and do what works for the greater good. To see that when we appreciate those around us who are on their own journey, yet ultimately have the same goals and desires as us, that we can remove any barriers there are energetically that separate us from others, to keep the unity, harmony and strength in numbers required to achieve their common goals.


As herbivores, these creatures rely heavily on mother nature to sustain them, as does mother earth on animals like the buffalo who help her continually renew and adapt. this is something that humans can really draw parallels on in terms of how best to treat the gifts and resources we are given. Working together as a team, to contribute to the continuity of our life cycles.

When we see that such large, strong and powerful beings can survive on something so readily available and renewed here on earth (sunshine, rain, soil and plants) we can see that when respect is given to such important and sacred offerings, our gratitude is in turn rewarded through her true nature to nurture that which dwells upon her.

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