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The cicada is the ultimate representative of the cycles of life, teaching us of the important of each stage of life we are gifted with. In their infancy, their eggs are protected from the outside world hidden away in the safest place their mother can manifest. Upon becoming a nymph, these creatures move towards the ground close to where their mothers lay them, and dig burrows into the soil, creating chambers in which they can often dwell for up to 17 years.

This is symbolic of the time in our lives in which we live simply as children, learning how to use our basic instincts to survive, all the while feeling protected and choosing to live more in the moment, drawing on key basics to grow and thrive. With this sense of protection and security deep down in the soil, they burrow and build a sacred space for themselves, feeding off the sap from the roots of their tree.

cicada illustration by sarah wilder the fifth element life

When they reach their final stages of nymphal instar, they are then strong and old enough to create a tunnel up and out from their dwelling, and shed their skins on a nearby plant – emerging as an adult cicada, leaving the shell or skin casing behind.

This stage is representative of our shedding of our child status and entering into adulthood and independence. This stage is where the cicada begin to live in the trees, choosing to reproduce and attract their tribe around them through their vibrational force and song.

The cicada is our reminder that all stages of our life hold a significant place in determining the life we are meant to lead and that everything we go through is just a phase. With each stage, comes huge inner and outer lessons about ourselves and our environment – shaping us to become who we are as individuals, and also reminding us that we are all choosing to live out our cycles in our own ways. The bigger picture is that our mission in life is to move through each cycle of life, taking with us as much learning and growth as possible.







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