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Kin Essence – You already know what you need in order to grow

A symbol of complete nourishment, the cow is such a beautiful talisman of nurture, motherhood and wisdom. A sacred species amongst Hindu culture, the cow is worshipped for being a sustainer of life in many ways. The cow is another gentle herbivore creature, who is a true warrior of her landscape. Drawing on her own innate abilities to create and nurture other life, as well as continually do the same for her own.

With their anatomy inclusive of four stomach chambers, their own systems are adapted to be able to draw the most nutrients from their food as it enters through their system, it is processed through many more processes than us humans, thus being a great example to us that it is often not what we choose to nourish ourselves with, but more on how we break it down, process and use it for our own growth and development.

We can draw parallels to this with the things we choose to ‘feed’ us – the positive and the negative. They teach us that even though life can be filled with challenges, it is what we choose to draw from it that accounts for how we choose to shape ourselves throughout life.

We heavily rely on this creature for our own modern lifestyles, yet when we shift our attention from what they can offer us in body, and see that it is much more than milk, skin and meat – that they are actually teachers of making the most of what we have, as a true earth mother teacher, and to nurture our creative selves.

Cows have such a special bond with their offspring, who are nurtured through their beautiful milk for up to a year as a calf. They show us that it is so important to nurture our creations, to raise them in love, protection and selflessness and that this, in turn, nourishes our own soul.

Cows, although a common symbol for physical nourishment globally, can also show us that the key to whole self-nutrition, we must also focus on strengthening our bond with our creative selves and physical selves as well as our spiritual selves and that the best way to do this is to follow our own natural instincts and earthly wisdom.

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(These are Sarah’s personal interpretations and observations on this animal, and this content is an excerpt from The Animal Kin Oracle Deck by Sarah Wilder. This content is subject to copyright. For personal use only. If you wish to repost or share any content from this website, please contact us at

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