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Kin Essence – Fulfilment is found in the process and not the outcome

As one of our closest animal relatives, the orang-utan reminds us of our primal nature and our evolutionary journey as humans. We can’t help but see ourselves in the eyes of an orang-utan and feel a deep connection and familiarity with their gentle, fun-loving, yet wise and grounded nature.

The orang-utan is solitary by nature except for Mothers caring for their young, who are inseparable for the first two years of life. Like humans, they take many years to mature sexually and spend the first ten years of their life learning and playing. The orang-utan invites you to nurture and give a voice to your inner child, allowing yourself to express your creativity safely, without self-criticism.

Orang-utans live the majority of their life in the trees and build elaborate nests for resting and safety while they rejuvenate at night and during the day. They have a strong bond with the trees and are literally held by their strong branches, high enough to be safe from predators who patrol the ground and cannot climb. When we model the orang-utan’s behaviour we see the need for constructing a safe-haven or “nest” for ourselves. A sacred place to rest, to create and to dream.

One of the few animals to have learnt how to use tools to solve problems and make life easier, the orang-utan asks you to think creatively about your situation and find a new, innovative solution to achieve your goals and move forward with ease and grace.

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