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Kin Essence – Take charge and move with conviction

Sharks rule the ocean. They use their primal instincts and intuitive connection with their natural environment to autonomously survive and remain at the top of the food chain.

It is well known that sharks have a strong sense of smell and can detect blood in the water, even from a long distance away. This ability allows them to find an easy meal in the form of an injured creature without the need for exerting energy hunting and chasing prey. Using their natural instincts and abilities this way, sharks can prioritise ease and flow in their lives and always choose the fastest and most direct route to reaching what it is they desire.

Urging you to trust yourself, “go with your gut” and boldly take action based on your true instincts and highest inner wisdom, the shark is a symbol of survival, clear perception and trusting your internal guidance. They teach us that because we can’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t there or isn’t unattainable.

We are born with tools and dominant senses that help us to get where we need to in our lives as individuals, so they teach us to really hone in on the senses we are given that ask for an element of trust or surrender. The shark asks – how do we feel? What is our body telling us? When we close our eyes and choose stillness in the dark, where do we feel guided to go? And how will we choose to go there with conviction?

They teach us that surrendering to the unknown path ahead allows us to rely on our innate gifts. Trust your body and spirit on where your easiest and best pathway will be to get what it is you seek.

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(These are Sarah’s personal interpretations and observations on this animal, and this content is an excerpt from The Animal Kin Oracle Deck by Sarah Wilder. This content is subject to copyright. For personal use only. If you wish to repost or share any content from this website, please contact us at

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