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white tiger meaning sarah wilder the fifth element life
Kin Essence - Working your light is the key to seeing how it can impact the collective conscious
The sacred White Tiger aligns us with our unique inner power. Due to its lack of pigment or rare genetic make-up, the white tiger is a great example of how often we must choose a path in life that is not safe or ‘normal’. It is in this birthright that we must honour what we are gifted with and continue to carry on sharing our message and living our lives how we dream it.
Each tiger has stripes that are as unique as fingerprints, which are more like pigments in the skin, not just a characteristic on fur. This shows us that our own unique blueprint is ours only to share, and to not feel threatened by those who roar in your pride. Instead, it’s a matter of acceptance, banding together and working for the greater good, all the while enlisting our own tribe through our own set of individual skills, offerings and strengths and bringing them forward into the light, together.
With their charismatic and playful nature, the tiger can teach us about inner and outer strength, whilst still being a well-rounded and relatable individual. Their powerful roar can be heard from up to 4km away, which shows us that sometimes, we really must be visible, loud and proud and share our individual voices in order to establish our place in the pack, as well as helping us to step into our power and become what it is we seek to be.
The energy and power of the white tiger – taps into our inner spark, our drive and guides us in leaps and bounds towards our wildest dreams. The white tiger opens the higher chakras to receive all forms of healing, clairvoyance and clairaudience from the spirit world. Working with the white tiger we can learn to quickly download and clearly understand our psychic visions and messages. When we own our white light worker abilities, we can do much more potent and transcendent work in this world.
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(These are Sarah’s personal interpretations and observations on this animal, and this content is an excerpt from The Animal Kin Oracle Deck by Sarah Wilder. This content is subject to copyright. For personal use only. If you wish to repost or share any content from this website, please contact us at

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