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Kin Essence – Look to your community to see what connects you to your power
The wolf reminds us of the importance of our connections with family and friends. They are territorial animals that will defend their homes and hunting zones fiercely from other wolves. From the wolf we can learn how to channel loyalty, dedication, protectiveness and selflessness in our conduct with our loved ones. They are often depicted as loners, but they simply have a strong sense of who they are as an individual, as well as the role they play in their community, making them stand out as strong, powerful entities and predators.
Wolves are generally monogamous and pair for life, rearing their children together into adulthood. They work together to hunt and use their haunting howl to assemble their pack prior to a hunt and to warn each other of danger at their den site.
Wolves are incredibly adaptable to changes in the environment and climate and can withstand temperatures of up to -40 degrees. Their warm, fluffy coat can keep them warm, even while they sleep on the snow or ice. This shows us that when you are connected to your own source energy, you are protected by often extreme external circumstances.
wolf illustration sarah wilder the fifth element life
(These are Sarah’s personal interpretations and observations on this animal, and this content is an excerpt from The Animal Kin Oracle Deck by Sarah Wilder. This content is subject to copyright. For personal use only. If you wish to repost or share any content from this website, please contact us at
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