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Animoon reading 10th - 16th July

gecko card animal kin oracle
This week we have two cards sharing the limelight for this full moon in Capricorn!
Two fire sign related animal messengers - so this is a really strong, fiery energy we are sitting in. There is an element of liberation and feminine power, where we feel like we are finally in our power and our third eyes have opened to show us wider scope on a situation which once felt very futile. This not only brings us clarity and further insight but has also opened us up to MORE of everything. More thoughts. Feelings. Ideas. More to process. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all this, so please don’t get too flustered with all this heightened awareness. The way to move through it is to mutate the rise in energy through your sensuality.
This is not necessarily to say using sex to your advantage but more like using your creative, feminine power to breed more confidence and use your sexual energy to create more of what you want to manifest in the next cycle. The picture of this in my mind, and how I’m personally feeling is like you are kind of feeling yourself more than usual - you might want to wear your hair out, dress more femininely, pamper yourself, burn beautiful oils, listen to some slow jams, sing and saunter around the home - and just generally slow down and feel into the little moments more. Everything about you might feel more confident, strong and sexy which is SO powerful right now with this full moon.
gecko meaning
Geckos are a symbol of fearless and bold passion and sensuality, helping us to awaken the fire within and prioritise pleasure, self-care and connection. We can often hear their clicking and chirping sounds when communicating with other geckos. We can learn from the gecko that in order to attract the right person or pathway into our life, that if we choose to show our full colours and sing our own unique songs of love - we will manifest our desires.
It’s a synergy of feeling right deep into everything and taking appropriate action towards it.
Trusting in our innate ability to survive, even when analytically things seem to be stacked up against us, is the key to experiencing freedom and our own sensual nature. Embracing intimacy in our lives allows for true connection and releases tension and promotes blissful states of consciousness.
So the vibes now and for the week ahead are all about doing what makes you feel REALLY good. To slip right into your feminine and to RECEIVE. Soak up any beautiful moments you can, and ask for more of that feeling. It’s a time to realise the beauty we have already created in our lives and of how much more of that we crave. When we feel we have steered off the path, we can anchor ourselves back in this self-loving and sensual energy through music, pampering, pleasure, food, sex, creativity and rest. Reflect on what is working and what is not. Focus on what’s working, and take it to another level. This is great upgrading time for us - the ol’ mid-year check in and ditch whatever you had originally planned for your year that you simply aren’t vibing with anymore.
Regroup and realign with what really feels good, now. You have the power to reset and really make some huge moves in the next 6 months if you put in the work now. Use your divine feminine power to crank up your divine masculine moves. Capricorn is the influence of this full moon and he’s someone who is steady on his feet, climbing up the mountain with confidence. This is where we are at. We are working through whatever is coming up within us and stepping it forward in a new direction. It’s like our own self-awareness is peaking and we can see how everything will play out, and we choose the pathway that feels the best now.
horse meaning animal kin
The horse also fell out from the deck as I was shuffling it, our messenger to help us to channel our own drive, passion and motivation to get moving toward our goals. They naturally become more confident, learn and grow when they have positive experiences. The horse can teach us that in times of uncertainty, we must use our negative experiences to give us that little nudge from behind in order to move forward in the right direction. Choosing the option that takes us forward, rather than somewhere where we will repeat an old cycle and relive a past experience. It's maximum growth time.
Working these two energies together this week is key - we will feel the pull to really sink into our sexy feminine self, all the while then wanting to dance it out and share with the world - so we may feel a big surge of energy after some much-needed retreat and integration time.
Key is to put ourselves out there, with confidence and sure-footedness, but not too come from a wounded place with this action. Come from your power once you have processed everything that is swirling around in the aether around you. In other words, use your force for good, not evil! For example - it's not that you are to take action on something out of spite or to match the lower vibes being sent your way, instead it's seeing this, acknowledging it, not engaging and choosing to use this new information as a realisation to then action something new and beautiful for yourself from this in order to heal and redirect it...It's about bringing the joy back, baby! Lightening up, saying "I'm ok. I've got this. I trust" and choosing paths that allow us to feel more playful, free and energised.
There has been a line that is flowing in and out of my head the last few days after reading it from an entrepreneur I follow (he's so masculine in his energy so sometimes he also rubs me the wrong way) but he said that honestly, the reason why he is so happy, is because he has ZERO expectations of ANYONE/ANYTHING. 
I'll let that marinade. The key to happiness is to have NO expectations. Isn't that kind of sad initially to read, but then from that comes this whole feeling of "oh my god yes the relief!" after?! I can totally see where everything comes down to this very line and that if I (we) drop our expectations of anyone or anything, we completely clean the slate and all we are left with is just a feeling of inner peace. Everything else that unfolds is just a bonus!
I wanted to mention this in case it was meant to be shared with this community because I personally think I was really meant to have this message right now and it's already making vast improvements on my mental health and general well-being. Taking a playful approach, moving forward on things that feel good and have us really using our divine feminine power this week is THE VIBE. Ya feel me?!
Sink into your RECEIVING mode this week. Take things slowly. Find the beauty in those small moments. Drink it all in. Realise you are where you are meant to be and release expectations of anyone, anything and of yourself. Breathe.

What action will you take once you have integrated into this softer, more sensual self and how will you make shit happen for yourself this week? What's gotta shift and what's the most empowered way and approach you can take? Use your softness to help you move forward to greener pastures and motivate you to continue to nurture and grow new things and not repeat and recycle the old. 
I hope this has resonated, please feel free to leave a comment below about what really struck a cord with you.

Big love and gecko/horse magick,
Sarah x

animoon reading

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  • emma on

    this is ALL resonates with me and what I have done and experienced this week!

  • T. Bailey on

    Sista you were right on target for just where I’m at and what I’m needing. Thanks for the clarity!
    Big Love,

  • christiana on

    Definitely needed the letting go of expectations and softening, I found myself this week really going into a space of sadness and frustration because I feel lost and have expected myself to be better and in a better space. I need to realise everything will be and I am ok and always will be

  • Jenna on

    Thank you! I needed to hear the releasing of expectations!! I’m starting to integrate that now!!! ???

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