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Animoon Reading 15th - 21st May

owl oracle card
Trusting the process is a huge message for us this week - as well as really tuning in and having a deep connection to our own needs and desires and feeling into our gut, rather than listening to our heads. Earlier in the week we may feel some clarity on a situation that arose last week to which we now feel much more at peace with. Things that triggered our egos and made us question everything are now finally just feeling RIGHT. Like this is all apart of a much bigger picture that we were simply getting in the way of, interfering with how our journey is meant to naturally unfold and evolve for us. That something much bigger and better is coming and that we have to trust this and hold onto this vision.
The owl is our messenger of intuition - his essence “Limitations are gifts that enable us to further develop our psychic abilities”. What have you been intuitively feeling for a while but you still resisted and forced through it? Only to have it thrown back in your face, perhaps as recently as the last full moon? Yep. This is happening to us all. As we all awaken, we are given challenges to practice our intuitive gifts - like a muscle, the more we work it and then recover it, the stronger and more powerful it becomes. So it’s kind of like a right of passage here were if we choose to really tap into our own inner guidance, then we will meet many tests along the way in order to make them stronger.
The solitary owl invites us to deepen our spiritual practices, turn inward for answers and to develop a trusting relationship with our own intuition. They show us that stealthy, still and quiet spiritual practice can be more beneficial than that of those who take a more loud and proud approach.
owl message the fifth element life
Interestingly enough, I’ve noticed another movement rolling through lately throughout my industry, the “anti-spirituality” movement (this was an article that caught my attention on this). Basically, everyone is just plain sick of the faux “woke folk”. Whilst I felt initially triggered by this, I thought deeper into it and realised it wasn’t a personal attack on me or the work I do in the world - because, honestly, I am very happy with the human I am and the business I have created. Anyone who knows me well knows I own all my shit, and I’ll be the first to tell you what it is and what I’m doing about it. So, it got me thinking deeper into this stuff - and it all comes back down to us avoiding our own intuition and choosing to look outside of ourselves for answers and validation.
There will also be some earth angels stepping up and coming out of the blue to offer you gifts “just because!” as little gifts for doing this intuitive development work! (it’s not easy!) - this could be anything from beautiful compliments, free services, gifts, offers of help with no agenda in return. We are all feeling called to really be of service to others because it fills our cups too to do good, right? So will you be able to be and stay in the RECEIVING MODE and accept these beautiful gifts and little reminders that you are worthy? that you are seen? that you are deserving?  That you're on the right track? And can you just take it and not feel like you OWE anything for this? This is a huge thing. I’m not talking entitlement here either - Personally, I think we are given signs and little nudges along the way to show us we are on track and to keep us feeling connected and positive about life because if we truly are balanced, we always give it back in other ways anyway. I don’t think I am any better than anyone else, but I do think it’s a beautiful thing to have amazing humans support you on your journey as an amazing human, too.
Just in the last few days/weeks, I’ve received out of the blue random acts of kindness and one, in particular, was sent to me via Facebook by an old friend I haven’t really seen or spoken to in years…. I wanted to share it with you, because, as much as I really took it, embodied it and owned it - I also feel it’s bigger than me. It’s more like a universal message and I think you might need it too - I’m passing this on so you can feel into this energy with me and really help shift and fine tune what’s happening with you right now as you get back into control of your life. I think it’s very important to tell people what you love about them. It’s one of the most amazing gifts you can bestow on anyone…. let’s face it, the world can be pretty dark and dank and it’s little gifts like this that can truly create positive change.
Now, take a deep breath. Imagine you just receive this in your inbox from an old colleague of yours. Doesn’t matter who.
“This might seem a bit random... but I just wanted to say a few things. Whilst we don't talk a lot and I haven't seen you in a long time there's something I wanted to say. I couldn't be more fortunate to say I know you. Over the years I have seen you grow into someone who is honestly one of the most amazing people I know. Your strength, courage, creativity and perseverance is amazing. You struggle, we all do... but you have a passion for life that's infectious. You influence many people's life without even knowing the impact you have. Just seeing the positive you put out into the world makes me smile. I hope you keep doing what makes you happy... and I know you will be amazing no matter where life takes you.”
Do you feel that? That’s for you too. Know you are doing a great job.
It's a week to keep looking inward and fine tuning all the intuitive pulls you've been getting. What can you take on like a little personal project to help you to practice these skills? Maybe something is happening which you have felt was a bit confusing or uncertain that you can treat like a bit of an experiment? If you can be at peace with any outcome from this, then perhaps tuning in and treating it like a bit of a game might help lighten things up and make improvements both in your intuitive muscle control and in your life!
Random acts of kindness! Be open to receiving little gifts from the universe, and the people in your vortex and accept them with thanks, letting go of any guilt and instead transmuting this by passing it on to anyone you feel might also need it
I hope this has resonated, please feel free to leave a comment below about what really struck a cord with you.

Big love and owl magick,
Sarah x
(Associated talismans to this week's reading are SEEK YOUR OWN TRUTH and BREATHE IN THE LOVE

animoon reading OWL the fifth element life

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  • Cass on

    I literally can say the exact same thing as Liz… Funny that … :)
    Thanks sarah x

  • LIz on

    I just want to say thank you. I look forward to your weekly messages and they are always fitting with what is happening in my life. They always seem to confirm what my intuition is telling me. I was going through a huge and very uncomfortable shift. I’m still in a place of some discomfort but I am aware that this is to help me do things in a new way. It’s practicing this new way that will help my step more into the true me. My intuition is coming through much more powerfully and I just seem to have an awareness of what this (what is happening) is all about. It’s all great but will take practice. I love that your idea of using this as an experiment! That is exactly what I’m going to do! Thank you for sharing with us, it is so appreciated and inspiring.

  • Karen on

    Love it! Owl is my totem ?? Thankyou. It was received gratefully. ?

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