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Animoon reading 16th - 22nd October

turtle oracle card the fifth element life sarah wilder
Things may have felt a little out of sorts lately, with good reason. With this year being full of huge changes, cosmic shifts-o-plenty and lots of lessons and constant ‘hustle’ type of actions, as we edge towards the end of the calendar year we can really feel the impact of all these things finally on our physical, mental and emotional bodies.
This week, in conjunction with the new moon energy, our dear wise teacher friend the turtle has entered into our vortex to remind us to tap right into each and every one of these bodies we possess and realign things accordingly.
Our intentions leading into this new moon must allow us to restore balance and inner peace again. There have been far too many things demanding our attention, thus allowing us to neglect our basic human rights and needs. Things like sleep, exercise, health, relaxation and peace are now at the forefront of our minds and needing to do extra self-care and love practices are becoming not only obvious, but very necessary in order to avoid some really nasty realisations that can be simply avoided by re-prioritising and injecting more things into our lives which cultivate peace and longevity in what we do.
No quick fix is going to solve any of your problems right now, and it’s all about adopting healthier habits and integrating them into your lifestyle which will allow for you to maintain the level of energy, stamina, positivity and strength you need to get you through and also keep you growing right now.
The core message from our friend the turtle is this - “Kin Essence - Achieve greatness by taking one small step at a time.
turtle meaning animal kin sarah wilder
A true master of protection, durability and awareness, turtles have been known to live for up to 100 years, and their hardened shell exterior, like other reptiles, sheds each plate for growth, however, this occurs constantly rather than in one big time period of their lives.
Turtles remind us that with constant growth and peeling off of old layers, we can become stronger and more powerful and allows us to not burn out or have to retreat for long. A turtle’s strong shell allows it to live fearlessly and freely, without worry or self-limiting beliefs.” (Read more on our blog here).
Where can you check in this week and ask yourself what requires more attention? Is it your mental health? Your physical body? or your emotional self? These things are all intrinsically linked, so you will find by addressing one, you are enabling the others to react accordingly, too. I know personally, my attention is to address issues with my physical body which have now become more drastic because I neglected the really early signs. In this extra attention my body is receiving, I am already feeling more in control of my emotional and mental health, which I know contributed to the physical health, too.
The turtle is reminding us to peel back each layer slowly and work on things in small increments as we can to allow bigger shifts and growth and longevity to occur. We are so done with the quick fix bullshit we are fed and know the only things that truly work for us long term are the things we do long-term.
The message for us it to take things slowly and look at everything with a very (w)holistic approach -  one thing leads to another, everything is connected. Start with one small intention this week, and watch the others unfold as they should, bringing much-needed balance and harmony into our lives once more.
Lots of love and longevity,
sarah wilder portrait

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  • Sarah on

    Again…. So accurate and articulates what’s going on for me now and solidifies the focus and that I’m on the right path. This listening to your heart vs head/logic is interesting.
    Thank you. xS

  • Emma on

    Love, love, love, love this!!!!! Could not be more accurate for me right now! <3 xx

  • Martine on

    It is Diwali this week in the Hindu calendar, the turtle always makes appearance with goddess Lakshmi in temples and homes, how fitting that the card was drawn this week. Blessed be all x

  • kirsty keating on

    I absolutely love this as my spirit animal is a turtle x

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