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Animoon reading 18th - 24th Sept

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New moon = new vibes, right?! They are already creeping into our consciousness now to align with new intentions we want to set for this Wednesday's new moon in Virgo.

Things may be flying around looking for some attention, it's important for us to find some focus this week and ground into what we deem as most important to focus on for the lunar cycle to follow.
There is importance and focus on our own community or "wolf pack" this week, with things coming up with our relationships (work and personal) which are needing some attention. This may be something to do with subconsciously valuing their opinion over your own or taking on their shit when it is not really what you believe nor want to invest into but seems to be taking your energy and focus a little too much than it should be which, in turn, may have you feeling irritable and a little off your game this week.
From the wolf we can learn how to channel loyalty, dedication, protectiveness, and selflessness in our conduct with our loved ones. They are often depicted as loners, but they simply have a strong sense of who they are as an individual, as well as the role they play in their community, making them stand out as strong, powerful entities and predators (more about them here).
wolf message
Our reminder this week from the wolf is to reassess the importance and value you have been placing on those who you do not value or respect as someone in the same "vibe" as you and plant seeds of intention around curating your own 'wolf pack' with only those who share the same common vision and intention as you.
This, for example, may be that you are asking for opinions or feedback on something that a loved one doesn't actually know much about or isn't your actual target audience for the question at hand, but you out of habit have valued this and allowed it to get to you and manipulate your choices, to your detriment.
The same goes to listening to the opinions of others who do not have your best interests at heart or are not answering based on this foundation, but merely speaking their own perception or truth, which, is not the same shared by you. If you liken this to moving in a pack, it's like you are feeling like you are in a bit of a battle between who leads the pack, when you know the other person is not the right person for the job and you have a clear vision and goal in place (and the whole pack who trusts and believes in you) and you are beginning to surrender to what this alpha is doing and saying, making you feel less capable than you actually are. It's like a confidence drain kind of energy.
This basically means that we must focus on keeping those around us in our inner circle, only those who you love, respect and value as humans and to energetically (or even physically or emotionally if this is where it is triggering you) peg them down and out of your inner circle into the outer, which will in turn clear your energy and allow you to focus and harmonise your direction for this next lunar cycle. Listening to your own intuition too is key, don't take on anyone else's shit right now. That inner peace is sacred.
Clearing distractions, prioritising and reordering things around you that feel more in alignment are crucial to finalising 2017 and getting your foundation more rock solid to move forward in your new life direction. We may be feeling pulled in a certain direction at present, so it's important to honour this and align our influences to enable us to stay positive, grounded and undistracted from the work we know we have to do.
Love and wolf connection,
sarah wilder the fifth element life
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  • felicity on

    Loved the no BS tone of this week’s forecast! I’m so in this place right now xx

  • Sarah on

    Awesome Sarah, again. Feeling all of this at the moment its really nice to get confirmation and focus on all the monkey chatter going on. xS

  • Sarah on

    Perfect timing (as always) and a great reminder about people who force you back into that ‘push pull cycle’. I never realised how much this impacted my confidence in myself but it is such an energy drain. Thank you Sarah ?

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