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Animoon reading 2 - 8th October

bee card animal kin oracle the fifth element life
There is so much personal power in this weeks energy, can you feel it too? There is nothing like the energy of a new month in general, but there is something about this one that has us all feeling lighter and more in control. It’s like all the things that we have been putting off are finally being addressed, we are on top of our workload and feeling inspired and driven to put ourselves out there more and to claim our strengths and present them to the world, unapologetically.
Initially, we will have things come up of not feeling like we are enough, but the key is to ride out this energy and press forward and present your truth and vision to the world this week without anything stopping you.
This message from our friend the bee is very timely for many of us, which is “Bees are determined, focused, committed to their goals and a symbol of power, beauty and sacrifice. Worker bees are devoted and motivated to provide for their hive and serve their queen. They work together and communicate using a unique dance to share information about the location of food.
We can find parallels in this bee teaching that no matter what you may appear to be like physically, that you are powerful beyond all rational measure, and that by taking a unique approach to achieving things instead of feeling inferior, having to fit a one-size-fits-all model or giving up altogether, you can tap into your personal and unique power in order to work towards common goals and desires.”
bee meaning the fifth element life
Personally, this rings true to me as I launch a new product which for the first time has become something I created on my own (in previous years it has been a collaborative project with my dear artist friend Jo and astrologer KV) - and in it’s reinvention this year, saw it ending from what it once was and instead of letting it go completely, I chose to breathe new life into it and make it my own.
When I reflect on the reasons why I chose to make it collaborative in the first place, I can see it was out of fear of not being good enough to fulfil the idea on my own. It’s amazing what time can do, and of how things can shift when you trust the process of evolution, as well as trust in your own abilities.
So this time around, I am absolutely owning my power with this creation - and this is our message for the week. You still may feel triggered - but what you must discern is whether or not you are doing things or holding yourself back due to fear or genuine intuition.
In the moon calendar this month, the message for the full moon integrates the energy of the toucan too, so I thought I would share this with you to see if this message resonates for the end of the week “Big things are happening! Can you feel them? We feel called to rise up and vocalise something we really want right now. There is a feeling of newness like we are wanting to do something seemingly out of character that might have us attracting lots of attention! The Toucan teaches us to use our influence positively and to not be afraid to show this side of ourselves to others. Be bold and be brave! Everything is working in our favour right now!”
Feels right, yes? If you aren’t quite there - trust me when I say it’s coming. We have all been working so diligently on ourselves that finally, we can enjoy the fruits of over labour - especially when we are fully in alignment with true selves.
This week is about realising your power and using it to build something great for yourself and your community. We are also being urged to let go of judgement on ourselves and what we are "good" at. Just play to your strengths. There is always work to be done, so this energy still feels busy, but it’s almost like we enjoy it so much it doesn’t feel like work because we are really in our element and loving being apart of it.
Lots of love and power to you,
sarah wilder the fifth element life

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  • CHeryl on

    OMG Sarah, there is usually some connection each month with your readings, but this one has just blown me away big time….it is so so true for where I am at right now. I am finally stepping into my power and showing my true authentic self, and I don’t give a rats arse what others think. I have disengaged from negative relationships and fostered a more loving and caring relationship with myself. I’m ready to fly…………??☮?

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