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Animoon reading 23 - 29th October

gecko oracle card the fifth element life animal kin oracle
What intentions did you decide on last week with the new moon? What was the one thing you set your little heart on? This week we are being guided to start mapping things out and implementing small action steps forward to get the ball rolling and momentum building for maximum potential this cycle.
Our animal messenger this week, the gecko, a curious little reptile who reminds us of our ability to communicate clearly and loudly, work with our feminine and yin energy to bring forward our manifestations with bold and brave and confident moves.
There is a strong message of leaving our heads and following our hearts this week and taking actions based on how things feel compared to what we over analyse about them. Sure, our minds are great at processing information and categorising it, however, there is something to be said here about not being able to feel into the full potential and an extreme rainbow of opportunity that awaits us simply by trusting ourselves and our desires. Removing the ego of everything and seeing yourself as you are truly, your spirit and what it yearns for (this is usually quite different to what our ego's want - which is fine to have, but not nearly as fulfilling long term).
Creative energies will be high, along with sexual energies and tension - so key this week may be to give in to these urges and express ourselves more sexually, sensually and creatively - through art, dance, movement and sex, of course! There may be some deeper awakenings or clarity by the end of the week if we surrender to pleasurable moments and allow ourselves to simply just feel good in the moment and let go of expectations thereafter.
gecko tribe animal kin the fifth element life
More info on our animal friend this week - “Geckos are a symbol of fearless and bold passion and sensuality, helping us to awaken the fire within and prioritise pleasure, self-care and connection. We can often hear their clicking and chirping sounds when communicating with other geckos. We can learn from the gecko that in order to attract the right person or path into our life, that if we choose to show our full colours and sing our own unique songs of love - we will manifest our desires.”
What are you communicating to the universe? Are your intentions clear or confused? This is an important thing to consider this week. If we are unclear on what we want in our lives, we cannot possibly move forward in any sense without knowing.
Choose to focus on something important to you right now that is craving your attention, and really dissect it in order to understand it. What is missing? What needs improvement? Where can you go next that will help you to stay on track and fulfilling your deepest desires? What are those core desires? Looking at things differently and almost like reverse engineering situations in your mind will allow freedom in your heart to explore this with your best interests at heart and with more confidence about taking actions you’ve  been nervous about taking.
This could be relating to love and relationships, but also your relationship with yourself. Where have you felt disconnected or like you have been judging yourself too harshly thus denying yourself some really basic and key pleasures, leaving you feeling kind of like you aren’t worthy or are missing something in your life.
Another reminder from the gecko this week is about seeing your life and situations in full colour, instead of just assuming things are black and white. Geckos have such an amazing sense of sight and can see a range of colours 350 more sensitive to humans. We can draw parallels on this about us seeing ourselves and our lives in much more detail, realising that we are much more unique than we feel and that every shade of our aura, our lives are shaping us to be something so detailed, magical and to really focus on the different shades of ourselves, rather than white-washing over everything.
Look at each and every shade and part of your beautiful picture, see where you can make small tweaks - what needs to be spruced up, tones changed or brightened up slightly to give you a new perspective on the whole picture? Small changes are all we need to be making now… you’ll notice the difference and so will others.


Lots of love and sensual expression this week,
sarah wilder the fifth element life


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  • Sophie on

    Gah! Love this. Been feeling so meh, but now I’m going to add some colour and feminine loving energy to my week. xx

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