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Animoon Reading 24th July - 30th July

eagle oracle card animal kin the fifth element life
There is no coincidence that this week it’s all about GOLD, baby! Yes, we have just launched our latest gold talisman range - but that’s just the beginning, here. The new moon in Leo (hello, symbol of the lion and his golden mane) and this week drawing the golden eagle card - symbol and messenger of strength (also a word deeply associated with the lion, too).
So what does this all mean for us right now? We are working hard on gettin’ golden. I caught up with my dear friend Lauren from Inner Hue last week and we spoke candidly about love and life. She said something that really spoke to me - which was that she was working on really getting golden herself. This means, an aura and energy and vibration so freakin’ sparkly and golden that once this work is done, nothing can stop us! I loved this because it really does feel like collectively we are in a transition time where we are all madly upgrading our energy, shedding, growing, transforming, learning, remembering and all those kind of uncomfortable feels we feel in the space between things, before we send out energetic invitations for the things we desire.
Big things are happening all around us - it’s easy to either get dragged down our pulled up into it, depending on where we are at in life and at our stage of “getting golden”.
The eagle is here to remind us of our inner strength in moving forward with new ideas, creative ventures, new relationship and partnership opportunities and just generally diving into all this unknown territory we are finding ourselves in.
eagle meaning the fifth element life
Despite their strength, eagles do not always strike their prey on the first attempt. In fact, it might take them as many as 15 attempts before a successful strike is made. They also tire easily after a hunt and spend much of their time resting and recovering before trying again. Eagles conserve energy while in the air by soaring and hovering in rising thermals to abolish unnecessary exertion.
The eagle teaches us the lesson of perseverance in the face of apparent failure and invites us to remain emotionally resilient to challenges and setbacks. We can learn that a sign of strength is often not how intensely we come into contact with something, but more about how we recover from it. (learn more here).
You may be feeling like a new phase of something is ahead for you and begun to show itself to you in the past few days, and it’s scary as hell! Some big decisions or choices are being presented, and the eagle is here to remind us to remain in control, stay focused and keep our eyes on the big picture and not get too caught up in the small stuff. To look at it from all angles and then take our time to not only strike when the time is right, but to forgive ourselves if we do not get it right first round. Afterall, this is all new to us. We cannot have such high expectations. This week we will just be taking this "never give up" attitude towards things and build upon our resilience when we feel challenged later in the week.
We are also being reminded to draw strength in situations that require us to choose our “golden path”.
As you know, the new moon is the best time to look at new pathways, directions and plant seeds for the next phase of our lives. Each month, we move through this process in a really cyclical manner and the influence of Leo for this month is directing us along a pathway that allows us to shine brighter, get more creative, make great things happen and even find our spotlight (our time to shine, baby!).


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  • BRandy on

    Hi I’ve been following you know for about a year, and from the first time I received my very first weekly reading you have been SPOT on every since. I truly want to thank you for my growth thus far because each week it confirmed for me I was in the right path. It allowed me to be gentle with myself. When I was feeling down your readings somehow confirmed what I was going through at that moment and that I wasn’t alone in this world and things would be ok. I never thought I would ever write a comment but this weekly reading moved me to tears because I’m finally emerging into who I’m meant to be and I feel I owe you so much for that. You guys are amazing. Thank you for listening ?

  • JAnelle on

    So many of your readings resonate but this is unreal… I was laying in the beach Saturday and watched two eagles soaring in the sky above me for a long time. They were a magnificent site and made me think of my oracle cards. When I got home I drew out the eagle and read up on its meaning. So relevant in my life right now. And here it pops up in your reading today! Spot on Sarah (;

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