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Animoon reading 25th - 1st Oct

animal kin oracle deck pig card the fifth element life
What has been threatening your inner peace? Something this week may come up which may feel like a threat to you, which in turn has you reacting or thinking more fearfully.
This is a follow on from last weeks reading where we discussed the importance of your tribe and listening only to those who you trust and respect - further to this, now we are having to take action with the 1st quarter moon energy this week which also brings forward a few challenges about our current health and surroundings and we may feel triggered by our environment. 
The 1st Quarter of the moon is the time when exactly half of the lunar face is illuminated and the other half remains in darkness. This marks the mid point of time between the new moon and full moon.
Symbolically it is said that this is a perfect time of harmony between both yin and yang energies. It is generally a time of high energy, movement, action and often a time where we can encounter high surges of motivation and engagement. This means this week will be a fair bit of doing after our slower week last week.
Our dear animal messenger for this week is the pig. A creature known for it’s intelligence and happy-go-lucky demeanour. They squeal with delight and love to explore, eat and play! So what does this mean for us this week? We can draw on their energy by understanding that in order to prosper and enjoy our lives, we must keep the threats to our happiness and inner peace at bay - this means turning off the news if necessary, unfollowing people who trigger you online, or saying no to doing things that simply you just hate. Our lives have become just far too busy now to be able to do and take on everything we are subjected to.
So now, in order to keep feeling abundant in all aspects of our lives and to really

reveal in delight at how beautiful our lives truly are right now, we must look around us and see how much beauty there is by illuminating the things that don’t make us feel so good. Sure, there are things we cannot avoid (like bills) but once we have gotten the obligations out of the way, we instantly feel lighter and can play with the precious time we have left! The less we focus on the shit, the more fun we will have playing and cooling down in the mud!

animal kin pig message the fifth element life
Shifting our perspective on those things that hinder us from seeing our own abundance too is an amazing tool to use to maintain a higher vibration - simply reframing our thoughts from “I have to pay all this money for this electricity bill” to something more along the lines of “I’m so thankful to be able to afford to have electricity in my home” will  be our saving grace this week. Take control of your words, thoughts and actions.
We are very quick to take the victim role in a lot of the aspects of our lives when things happen “to” us, yet it’s important to remember that it’s all energy, and through constant energy exchange is the only way we survive and thrive - whether it be our time, energy, thoughts, actions, money - we have the ability to constantly create these things, especially when we know they are unlimited resources.
Times are a changing - and they can feel uncomfortable as we grow into each new layer of skin we wear. I've noticed that a lot of us are feeling overwhelmed by modern life and the challenges we face as individuals and as a collective conscious. Since the solar eclipse, we've experienced a fair bit of cosmic disturbance which has affected the earth and its inhabitants. 

There is also a huge theme of health at the moment too, with many having either health issues arise or a potential health scare which has shaken us back into alignment with our priorities. Animals and people are leaving their current bodies in pursuit of their next incarnation at a seemingly higher rate around me(us?) - which can be tough on those who are left behind and missing them.

The pig is here with us this week to teach us about enjoying our environment and making the most of it - even making the boring or menial tasks fun! How can you get them done without them draining you? Can you make a game out of it? I know personally this resonates with me and I intend on making the big tasks at hand for me more of an experience - a chance to bond with friends who I can call on to come and help me, to turn up the music and get in the zone and get one step closer to achieving my goals this month.
Sending you lots of love and abundance,



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  • Chelsea on

    This is amazing!!! I needed every word. Flawlessly written. Thank you!

  • Brenda Hamilton on

    Hi Sarah,
    I am so blown away by how what you write seems to be exactly what I am going through Andy exactly what I need to hear. You are truely amazing and I really appreciate your insights into each week. I can’t believe how much it feels exactly what I am going through.
    I am going through some big changes at the moment, which is what I have been praying for, with part of me so excited and the other part going “OMG, what have you done.”
    I thank you so much for the influence you have had on my life so far, from the brief meeting we had, to reading your insights into each week.
    I have seen you go from strength to strength and just want to say thank you.
    Brenda Hamilton

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