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Animoon reading 31st July - 6th August

sloth oracle card animal kin the fifth element life
Sloth medicine follows us through this week ahead as we have recently experienced some form of transformational awakenings, with further perspective being shown to us this week to deepen our practice of letting go of expectations, toxic habits, toxic people and really finding our flow again for the latter part of 2017.
Things are moving faster, so we really need to call on our friend the sloth at present to help us stay grounded, still and at peace with what we have, right now. There is a lot of external noise and chaos going on for many of us, where we feel pulled in many directions, and if we fall into this trap right now we can find us feeling very overwhelmed physically, emotionally and spiritually. 
The key theme for the week leading up to the next full moon is to revise everything, re-prioritise, disconnect, unsubscribe and do whatever it takes to let your own wise self, your crone energy take the lead. She's slow. Down to earth. Unwavering in her dedication to herself. She doesn't need or want for anything. Only to be free to be the most beautiful expression of her spirit.
If you have a special place you like to go where you can reconnect with yourself, sloth urges us to go there this week. Clarity and deeper understanding of whatever has been a key focus of yours lately can be found here in the simplicity of this space (physically and mentally).
sloth spiritual meaning the fifth element life
More insights from the sloth "Sloths may stay in the same tree for many years, recognising that if its needs are being sufficiently met, that there is no need to want for more. They are true teachers of being comfortable and confident in our own stillness. They digest things very slowly, which is a fantastic teaching for us in this fast-paced world to take things in slowly and allow them to fully move through our bodies until we feel called to finally release them.
Being at one with the earth and embodying her core essence can awaken our own inner wise woman or crone energies. In times like this we are reminded to strip back to the very basics and dig deep on what is truly important to us.
Feelings of not being enough or not doing enough are holding us back collectively from evolving into our most deepest and wisest spiritual selves. Less giving and more taking may be in order to regain perspective." (Read the whole message here
Take stock of where you are at right now - Are you safe? Are you feed and watered? Are you loving yourself? If our most basic human needs are being met, than we must give thanks for this. I've said this before and it feels appropriate to say it again - we are human BEINGS, not human DOINGS. Shift to this mentality alone and feel the instant relief. Feels good, right? Focus on feeling good, sit and soak up the empty space in your life, and if you are feeling like you don't have any - create it.
Big shifts are ahead of us, things are really moving fast and foundations are being laid thick and fast so now is the time to prioritise our own energy so we can then be of service to everyone around us. This is where we really take things up a notch, hold on tight! Root down. Stay strong.
What are you seeing now that you didn't before? New perspectives are being shown. Soak it all in. Stay strong and in your power, you have everything you need.
What can you do this week to create more space for regrouping? Where can you physically go, or even mentally, to escape all the noise and distraction? There is inner work to be done here to get set for releasing some big stuff in the coming days.
I hope this has resonated, please feel free to leave a comment below about what really struck a cord with you.

Big love and sloth wisdom,
Sarah x

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  • Deanne on

    WOW every word resonates. Love this post exactly where I am at this week xx

  • Merielle on

    This was a beautiful reading that, again, reaffirmed the messages I keep getting on looking within, taking care of myself, and reconnecting to my own wisdom and Universal energy. I am dedicated to do this. Thank you!

  • Sarah on

    Thanks Sarah, as usual this is spot on for me atleast, a big theme starting today that I couldn’t articulate… other than the ‘letting go of expectations’ part… so nice to have it validated that I’m on the right path (consciously) . thanks! xS

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