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Animoon reading 7th - 13th August

kookaburra spiritual meaning oracle card the fifth element life

Ok guys, hold onto your proverbial hats this week! We are on an express train to some bigger shifts, entering into a place now we didn’t exactly ‘plan’ for. Circumstances might be quickly changing or shifting gears, moving house, new relationships or friendships, unplanned adventure, unfamiliar feelings regarding our beliefs and career goals might also be gaining some momentum or morphing into something new we didn’t foresee.
Basically, it’s all just this feeling of things being up in the air and the full moon tomorrow will allow for us to let go of expectations and the more linear ways we have been looking at our future, and instead come to the realisation that nothing is permanent or predetermined - so we can quite literally become whoever and have whatever we want now. The box we have been keeping ourselves in is becoming far less appealing and our confidence is growing to get out of it by the day.
It’s this kind of addictive unfolding of the unknown we are experiencing, it’s fun, scary but strangely something we have been craving, a bit like a drug. We will be confronted by some major astrological influences this month, kicking off today with a partial eclipse.
Mercury will go officially into retrograde on August 12th (this Saturday) but we are already feeling the tow of this with its usual technological disturbance, but more importantly - this one will be having us re-evaluating our beliefs. We may feel a deep calling to question everything again, feeling like we have come to a completion of a much larger cycle in our lives and embarking on a new frontier of our spirit. We may feel this incredible feeling of “wow, who am I?” when you find yourself thinking, feeling or doing things seemingly out of character.
kookaburra meaning the fifth element life
It’s a great opportunity to really sit into all that comes up for us in the next few weeks and create a new version of ourselves in the process.
The Kookaburra, the messenger for us this week is here to remind us to not take life so seriously. Sure, shit is going to go wrong from time to time. We are probably going to have some uncomfortable realisations, growing pains and interesting turn of events in the next fortnight leading up to the new moon in Leo. We are really going to need to find some balance and call in all our sources of lightheartedness we have to thrive during this highly charged period in time.
Further insights from our animal kin library on this messenger - “There is a saying ‘laughter is the best medicine’ and often we can feel how much this sings true. Whenever we experience hardships or serious circumstances, we intuitively feel called to find the light side to things to allow us to enter back into a more balanced state. Laughter can bring us back into harmony with ourselves, and place importance on seeing joy and seeking community to get us through. If we are feeling particularly heavy or lonely, we can listen for the Kookaburras medicine of humour to guide us through.” (READ MORE ABOUT KOOKABURRA MEDICINE HERE.)
We are being reminded to sit back and observe the unfolding more instead of actively participating in it or trying to control it - allow for things to go where they want, and strike on things we feel are great opportunities and leave the rest and laugh it off.
Encourage your friends, colleagues, children and partners to lighten up and see the humour in the challenge if you can, they will do the same for you. Supporting each other as a community is important, and laughing together is our medicine. Life is funny, after all. Even if things feel very heavy right now, we all know deep down one day we will see the light side of the whole experience - because like the moon, everything is just a phase.
Permission to play more, adventure more and explore new things that help us to stay light and ahead of the curb ahead.


What can you let go of this week that has been causing you a lot of negative emotion or heaviness? Perhaps something regarding your path or spiritual self. Acknowledging where you are at and being amused by how silly it all is in the grand scheme can help you to lighten the load and press forward.
Who are we calling on this week to help us to lighten up and laugh at our own crazy life? This week it's ideal to call on those who really know the real you and to have a good old fashioned laugh together about how ridiculous things have been. This release is so good for the soul and will help us to recharge and get through any trying situations that unfold ahead.
I hope this has resonated, please feel free to leave a comment below about what really struck a chord with you.

Big love and kookaburra cackles,
Sarah x

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  • Sarah Rynja on

    AMAZING… Really feeling it this week/full moon. Only 1 hour “sleep” last night. Wow what some shifts and AMAZINGLY this morning I saw 2 KOOKABURRA’S on my back deck near my window they came and talked to me. I have lived here for 7 months and not once seen or heard one and there they were this morning. Really spot on Sarah. Thanks for sharing your gift. can’t wait for my deck to arrive along with all the goodies of this energy #relationshipftw lol … Thanks. xS

  • Chelle on

    So much relevance in this reading for me this week. Hit a big trough over the weekend – have had a big shift and now see that patience is the best thing for me at the moment. Allow it to unfold as it will.
    Love and light x

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