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Animoon reading 9 -15th October

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This week we are being called to slow down and listen. Which of your senses are the strongest right now? Do you reconnect to your emotional self through smell, touch, sound, taste or sight? This week as we enter into the energy of the 3rd quarter moon phase, representing reflection and recalibration in preparation for new intentions and a new cycle next week with the new moon - and we are being asked by our dear friend, the whale, to see what needs to be addressed and “heard” through our communications with the universe this week.
Tomorrow's date seems significant, 10/10 in a 1 year - which in numerology is 111. This means we are being gifted with a huge opportunity to get back into alignment, listen closely to the signs and messages around us and to start over on anything that isn’t feeling good for us. Where are you needing to communicate your intentions more clearly? Where do things seem to be going off track? Start here. RE-ORGANISE this energy and start over. Freshen your perspective and listen closely to what you really need.
Furthermore, the message of the whale “reminds us to focus on our strengths when it comes to communicating - whether it be through writing, spoken word, or other creative actions in order to send a clear message to those who are important to you. Choose a medium that reflects who you are and speak through it in order to showcase what it is you desire and to share that with your chosen audience.”
whale message animal kin
Take some time this week to reflect in peace and get beneath the surface of what is happening currently in your life and find out what is not yet surfaced into the light - also look at different ways you can get to this medicine - perhaps there are new tools you can be using to tap into this unsurfaced emotional baggage.
I’ve personally reconnected with my own intuition and emotional self lately through wearing and diffusing certain essential oil blends and experimenting with more art - certain scents have been triggering me or soothing me, and their connection to my emotional body has been very interesting to note, unlocking some creative potential and desires I didn't know I really had.
Perhaps there is something in your word that is needing to be heard and is being communicated to you through a different medium/sense to what you would usually use - this may be because we are constantly becoming desensitised using methods and strengths we have always relied on, and the constant noise and reliance on these things is now not powerful enough for us to get to those deeper layers that are now calling out to be surfaced, addressed, fully felt and transformed/healed.
We, as creative beings are also being called now to tap into ways to express ourselves more so than ever - what is a new way you can express yourself creatively that has been slowly ushering you in? Now is the time to start it. Learn that new skill, take that class, play, create, and master your art with dedicated time, space and peace in your life. This I feel is a very important calling for all empaths, indigos and us awakened souls who are suffering through the heavier energies this new frontier is delivering us.


Sending you lots of clear communication from the aether in your creative endeavours,

sarah wilder the fifth element life

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