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Animoon Reading for 17th - 23rd April

butterfly change oracle card the fifth element life

Happy Monday beautiful people! Do you feel the change in the air? We’ve just finished the Venus retrograde period over the weekend which was a time where all our relationships were overhauled over the last few weeks. With others, and more importantly, ourselves. Our messenger this week is the butterfly - which it’s synonymous with the energy of the last few days which universally is known as a time of resurrection. A death, resurrection and subsequent rebirth of something. What has been reborn in you?
There will likely have been a death of an unhealthy relationship, or perhaps repeated type of relationship or behavioural pattern in your life very recently which you now have realised was the rebirth of your soul and the path you are meant to be on. There is a change in the air - a death of an egoic part of you. Perhaps you have met someone who has both surprised and challenged you to let go preconceived ideas on what something or someone should be to you - and the acceptance of simply just feeling into everything rather than rationally overanalysing it. A surrender to the flow of the heart. An acknowledgement of what the mind wants and creates, but ultimately allowing how we feel about everything dictate the choices we make.
butterfly meaning the fifth element life
Just now I was listening to some Abraham Hicks talks on Youtube, and one particular line Esther said as I drew this card of change was “words don’t teach us - it’s only our life experiences that teaches us”. I thought - whoa. That’s my truth right there. No matter what words we tell ourselves, or that others say to us to convince us otherwise, there are only the experiences we have in our lifetime that we can draw from that can truly influence us now. I believe this is true because I have had MANY diverse life experiences in my 31 years, all of which have provided me with an abundance of wisdom and lessons to draw on moving forward. I am in a constant state of change. I am learning every day as I experience new things. We are all in adult adaptation mode right now, where we grow, expand and become the new humans.
Deeply symbolic of the human soul, butterflies are often recognised as messages from those who have crossed over to the spirit world. The butterfly teaches us that everything in life that we experience plays a crucial roll into shaping who we are truly meant to be - to embrace each part of our life as a period of important learning and growth, and see that sometimes we must rest before we walk, and walk before we fly. They remind us to not fear the changes we experience in life as it shapes who we are called to become in this lifetime.
This will be a week of clearing out the old, improving on what we have right now and implementing those small changes to positively get everything back on track - particularly if lately we have been experiencing some darkness or dark nights of the soul. Particularly over the weekend, some of us may have felt a bit of a shift from feeling light to darker, where some things have resurfaced and resurrected (the theme of Easter).
It’s taken me almost all day to do this as I had an unexpected animal messenger today. My cat Peaches, unfortunately, brought me in a rodent gift. I saved him from her mouth, and took him into my arms and showered him with motherly love. He was breathing heavily, but alive. I checked him over for external injuries, to which he had none visible. I made him a warm cosy bed, placed him in there and gave him a chance to sit quietly and allowed the stress to subside before reassessing his health and either releasing him or taking him to the vet for care.
maximus the native rat
Unfortunately, an hour later when I checked on him, he had passed. His breathing had stopped and his beautiful little body was now cold.
I picked him up, hugged him and wept.
I felt this was a very significant moment for me, and perhaps us as a collective as it all unfolded as I was weaving this message to us all at the time. The first paragraph of this reading alone now feels completely filled with so much more meaning to me after experiencing this right now, it’s crazy.
There is something about the way in which this unfolded today that has really reminded me of my (and likely your!) purpose in life. It is not to control situations to suit our own desires. As a race, we have all subconsciously or even consciously become these “I’ll do this nice thing because maybe there is something in it for me at the end of it” kind of vibes - you know, good karma and all that. Cats are known for being quite selfish and individual, not really caring about anything but themselves, right?  (note: I honestly considered keeping this little guy for a little while to fill a need in me to provide love, comfort and nurture something - like, look at his cute little face - I jumped straight into protective and cooing mama mode and was thinking up ways I could keep him around, secretly hoping he needed to be cared for ongoing.)
maximus the native rat
However, the plot twist was that he died. His last moments were peaceful. He was held and cared for. He was safe. His life was significant. It was honoured. Although his time had come, he could do so peacefully and in the right company. Eerily after my sadness subdued, I felt at peace knowing this was meant to be.
It reminded me that one of my gifts has always been to help people transition - much like many of us out there who have changed and grown significantly and experienced SO MUCH in the last few years and are now the way showers to others who are embarking on similar pathways as the ones we have already travelled and learned from. Some of us learnt the hard way, and we now want to gift others the tools and teachings we found or created to help them change and transform themselves. This is exactly what my products do, remind people of where they are going. Keeping them connected and moving forward.
This little creature, (a native rat-type mammal) was a messenger to me to remind me that I am able to continue to walk unknown paths, ahead of the masses and thrive because this is all I have known and all the experiences in my life have shown me this about myself. I am then to be the bridge, the way shower, the connector, the guide, the interpreter, the reminder to others of their power and ability to adapt and survive the unknown territory that lays ahead of us. This will always be through finding meaning in the madness because without that, life to me is way too heavy and scary at times, which is why so many of us now suffer mental health issues and are losing people to suicide and many other illnesses caused by modern day lifestyle and stress. If we can find these little blessings in these shitty situations and show others how to do so, we become more resilient, more compassionate, and more connection humans - which is exactly what our goals in life should be right now.
I am so grateful that he chose me to be his midwife from this life to another, and this is exactly the energy of this week. A huge transition, breakthrough, change or rebirth of sorts is happening. We have to be at peace with it. It is necessary. It is time to fly.  It could happen suddenly or it’s the beginning of a slow transformation, but I know you know it’s here.

RIP little Maximus, your impact here today has been significant and I'm so glad I got to hold space for you in your passing. I'm sorry Peaches did that to you. x

ANIMAL KIN butterfly rat spirit animal the fifth element life

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  • Melanie on

    Wow Sarah – this is so perfect for me right now on so many levels & yes with relationships especially! I also saw a butterfly 3 times on Good Friday which so symbolically connected with the Easter theme of rebirth & transformation. I’m in a real transitory time in my life right now where I’ve been learning to be at peace with it, honouring this in-betweeness as a healing journey knowing that it’s all part of my life experiences in leading me to grow & move forward being open to the next chapter of my life filled with positivity & hope along the way. I also did the Goddess Quiz & got Airess – so perfectly me! Thank you for your magical guidance, wisdom, sharing & radiance

  • Tania on

    Thank you Sarah for the weekly readings! I always resonate with them, and for this week’s topic I can see it ring soooo true for people around me and for myself as well. I’ve shared your post on my facebook too, hope more people will get to read your weekly readings and be inspired like I do every week.

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