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Animoon Reading for 6th - 12th February 2017

Full moon - 'Realisation'. Wolf messenger.
Kin essence "Look to your community to see what connects you to your power".

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(Apologies - the original post of this was accidently deleted a day after it was posted so I have had to re-write parts and re-format for anyone who missed it).

Who are you calling on this week to gather around you and hold space for healing? Who is helping you to rebirth yourself for this next chapter? Keep very close to those you wish to move in circles with long-term, as we really are feeling pulled to re-assess the relationships in our lives and who is imperative to your soul growth and expansion, and of who is holding you back from the same.

There might also be a little bit of confusion as to what the specific roles that your 'wolf pack' each play in the circle, as we all act as the pack leader in our own stories, we also energetically allocate others to fulfill roles which are there to keep the harmony, health and happiness of the collective.

The wolf is asking us this week to really scrutinise the specific roles we have given others and to really re-evaluate these for our highest good. Are there some friends, relatives, lovers etc who there seems to be a disconnect to at the moment? Perhaps their circumstances have changed, yet you are still placing them in a role they used to play well in your life, that perhaps they no longer can meet these same expectations from you? This is a time where we can make full realisations on who is where on our own relationship mandala.

wolf medicine animal kin sarah wilder

Wolves really remind us of the importance of our connections with family and friends. From the wolf we can learn how to channel loyalty, dedication, protectiveness and selflessness in our conduct with our loved ones. So in the lead up to the full moon this weekend, we are being encouraged to stand up for those who we love and value dearly, and to let go of people who do not carry the same respect and values for you and those in your very inner circle who you are intrinsically energetically linked to…. so basically, it’s time to cull!

Cut away and dead weight, and relationships and friendships that no longer feel like a good fit for where you are right now or don’t look like they will fit in harmonically into your future. This may feel a little uncomfortable, but it’s super important - all this foundation editing we are doing this whole year (this will not be the last time I mention things like this!) as very very important. Do not shy away. Speak up, express where your loyalties lay and watch everything fall into place (even if it feels like initially, things may fall apart).

If you would love to learn more about the magic of the wolf - you can read more here.

wolf illustration by sarah wilder



The She-wolf is blessing you with clarity on who to consciously select as members of your personal pack, and of who's calls and communications you tune into to form and strengthen your own awareness and emotional connection with at this time. Meditation and quiet reflection is key this week in order to re-order your priorities on who you energetically and emotionally link yourself to. This is important foundation work to create inner harmony and clear roles in your pack.


The Alpha-male urges you to only surround yourself with those who have respect for you and the position you play in their lives and to make any physical changes that reflect the work you are doing mentally and emotionally right now. This may mean to leave one pack and head to another in which you feel welcomed and valued. 

I hope this has resonated, please feel free to leave a comment below about what really struck a cord with you.

Big love and wolfy magick,

Sarah x

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