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Animoon Reading for 6th March - 12th March 2017


crab spirit animal kin oracle card sarah wilder the fifth element life

Kin Essence – Choosing vulnerability is the most direct path to growth

Ohhhh yes, this week is going to be bold for the brave, baby! After igniting some new flames in last weeks new moon energy, this week we are being invited to take a bold step forward into actioning what it is we have dreamt up for ourselves. It’s like we kinda felt intimated and spent plenty of time reflecting and crafting with clarity last week and had to convince ourselves of this new concept or idea or choice, - and now we have ripened to the idea fully and are ready to trust in our ability to actually do something big and bold with this idea!
We may find that with this “gung-ho” kind of energy we are feeling to get shit done or off to a good start, that we will be met with an equal amount of resistance to this all the same (after all, fear is ALWAYS present when we are faced with unchartered or unfamiliar situations) but we are being guided by our dear friend the crab to trust that we have the ability to draw on plenty of our inner strength and confidence enough to make a move here and to really think outside the box on the best way to go about it!
Please also note the message here is that it doesn’t always have to be an obvious ‘forward’ movement that we take! As we know, crabs most effectively move from side to side when they travel from place to place, so I feel this is our message this week and that is to trust that whatever action you take, it will take you somewhere new that you need to be in. Maybe it’s to step sideways in order to see the path from another angle or to simply take a short detour to see quickly that this isn’t where you want to be, before you end up wasting too much time on it if you had chosen an alternative or traditional route.
crab message animal kin oracle deck sarah wilder the fifth element life
I feel it’s not a black and white week - and standing still is not an option for us right now. We are in the flow, and we have an opportunity now while the tide is low, to make a run for it to higher ground. Yes you will feel vulnerable for a short time, yes it will feel new - but my goodness, it’s going to feel just right when you catch your breath on the other side!
From now until mid-week we will be feeling very vulnerable and will be a little hesitant at letting someone/something into your sacred space. There is this theme of self-protection and you also may find that you're being a little defensive and jumping the gun when first feeling challenged by this new venture/idea/pathway. Come mid-week, we will feel like we are ready to put ourselves out there and make some bolder gestures once we feel like we can truly trust how we have been feeling and the ground we have been treading on lightly ahead hasn’t swallowed us up yet! just like we have dipped our toe in, and now we are ready to leap right in.
The weekend is where you will really reap the rewards of the actions you have taken this week, where things will just feel really good. We will feel like we are truly in our bodies, in our power and very grounded and in control. There is this beautiful goddess kind of energy, where you just feel super feminine and in the flow, all the hardness will have melted away leaving you your beautiful, vulnerable soft-self.
This week on a whole is going to be super productive, we may feel a wide range of emotions, though - some days will feel more productive than others - but trust that this week, in general, we will all really make some ground. Allow some days to be quiet and reflective, and others to be powerful, creative and full on! This is the cycle we are to follow and we are all learning now this cyclical approach to life suits us far more than linear and regimented ones we once thought we had to follow. New pathways are being created, and none are more important than the other. It’s simply a matter of choosing one and exploring it until you are met with another. TRUST. TRUST. TRUST.
The fearful thoughts may come thick and fast this week when you are feeling pulled to really step up and out from hiding! There is something here about not wanting to feel vulnerable or put yourself out there in fear of being taken advantage of, particularly because you are prone to these situations and have been hurt emotionally in the past. The teaching here is to acknowledge these feelings and trust in your intuition for your best way forward, not in your emotionally protective defences which are keeping you stuck.
It's time to move on! We can no longer hide behind the little stories we have created for ourselves and our safe zone no longer feels right - so it's time to physically take action towards finding yourself a new 'norm'. Whatever society says about how your life should look, it's time to move away from this and to trust in your own ability to make choices that are the perfect fit for you right now.
I hope this has resonated, please feel free to leave a comment below about what really struck a cord with you.
Big love and Crab magick,
Sarah x
(Associated talismans to this week's reading are 'DIVINE DUALITY (ON SALE!)' and 'FEEL TO HEAL' )

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  • Laura on

    So amazingly spot on, Sarah! I love these reading so much, thank you x

  • Merielle on

    Great reading this week. I want to put myself out there, for sure. I fear losing my privacy in the process, so I stay safe and hidden. Time to get brave I think! Thank you.

  • Jaime on

    This really hit me hard! Last week I came to realise I would like to start my own business. Although over the weekend my fear has silenced me and i dont feel confident in following this new path that is presenting its self. I hope the crab is right and allows me to see what positivity does actually lay ahead for me.

    Much love.
    Jaime x

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