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Animoon Reading for Monday 24th January 2017

This weeks Kin Essence, courtesy of the Giraffe
"The greatest point of understanding is in our ability to see things from all angles"
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Ok, so let's jump straight into this one, because it's going to be a long one! This week, as we lead up to the Lunar (Chinese) New Year on Saturday the 28th (which is also a new moon in Aquarius) we are being pulled by two animal energies, that of the Giraffe and that of the Rooster!

The stand out feature to us all of the Giraffe is obviously it's long neck right? So this week it will be all about perspective. Things are happening all around us, in fact, you may not have really had a dull moment in weeks! And that's because there is HEAPS going on astrologically and obviously as we shift into a new year energy, as well as a new 9-year cycle, things are really coming up for us everywhere we look. It's like we get done looking at one thing, and then all of a sudden coming up behind it we see something new we have to focus on. Yet, it's never anything we can't handle - but it's just like, woah - we can just see all this stuff finally that maybe we didn't really notice before? or maybe now it's just coming to a head and can no longer be avoided.

Either way, this foresight and insight is great. We are really making huge progress in a lot of ways, even though it may not feel it just yet. The giraffe teaches us about being able to see the full picture of something and realising it's not really what it looks like on the surface. There is always a deeper and more detailed story to consider, and our gift this week is to take and absorb everything diplomatically and then act according to all the information we have gathered and of then say or act in accordance to this level-headed approach. So basically, don't get carried away in any he-said she-said, don't judge a book by it's cover and definitely don't engage in any drama without getting all your facts straight - because it will be very counter-productive for everyone involved, when the focus of the week should really be focusing on what lays ahead for us and getting clear on all the things we want to manifest in 2017.

The other message to us is from our dear 2017 friend, the rooster - and here I share with you the reading from the Animoon 2017 calendar for the new moon this weekend 
Are you already feeling this perhaps?! I can already see how big this year is going to be for a lot of us. Are you actually ready? If you had a slow transition into the year like I did, you still have this week to gather yourself and spend a bit of time weaving your intentions for the year ahead. Choosing a word theme is always a great little tradition I know a lot of us do (mine is connection) as well as tieing up any loose ends and finalising anything that still feels really 2016. In fact, anything from the last 9 year cycle that you don't want to carry on into the next, can be finalised and dealt with this week to increase our chances of really getting the fresh start and perspective we need for our futures (see perspective - thanks giraffe! he knows what's up!)

If you keep seeing me mention the 9 year and 1 year stuff, this is numerology and is something I like to personally follow and relate to, to give me a better understanding of the world and the people in my life and how I can relate to them etc.

Basically, you add up the numbers of the year at question - so 2017 = 2 + 1 + 7 = 10 (zeros don't really count) so it's 1+0= 1. This year is a universal 1 year. And since the years go in 9 year cycles (because we go back to one, as shown above) - this is a year full of laying new foundations for our lives and for the next 9 years. It is a VERY important one. Our guides are asking we pay closer and extra attention to really wrapping our heads around this one and addressing the things that are coming up for us - and there have been more than usual lately, no? That's because we are being reminded (demanded even!) to address things once and for all as they are not for our highest good to carry onto the next chapter. Simple as that. 

More on the Rooster too - he is VERY productive. He wakes up every damn day, rain hail or shine and does his work and lives out his purpose. He is reliable, he is a leader and he is making himself known. This is what we are to embody with our approach to this year. If you have been waiting to take charge on something, this year is the time to do it! No more excuses. It's time to show up. Be accountable. Do one small thing, every day to build towards a better, stronger and more abundant future. He's a true showman - so it's time to be seen this year guys - be your own lead role in the movie that is your life! Get creative, get yourself out there and show up every day - nothing can hold you back if you do.

Lots of love and more again next Monday. Happy Lunar New Year!
PS > Did this resonate? Please share your thoughts and feelings with me! Even if I don't get a chance to reply, please know I read every response and always feel so inspired and connected to my tribe after sharing these insights - they really do keep me going (thank you!)

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