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Animoon Reading for Monday 30th January 2017

1st Quarter Moon - 'Action'. Deer messenger.
Kin essence "Know when to enter battle or make a subtle retreat".

animal kin deer card by Sarah Wilder - The Fifth Element Life

This week is full steam ahead with the lunar new year now underway, and plenty of things already happening around us showing us the first steps we need to be taking to really set the tone for 2017.

Our messenger for the week is the Deer - he represents grace, sensitivity, poise and discernment. As we roll into this week, we may start to feel sensitive to our surroundings, more so than usual. Things will come up that have us feeling like we are finally gaining control of ourselves and our situation and really, FINALLY wanting to start implementing and taking action on what we want to improve in our lives. Whether that be doing more exercise, making dietary tweaks, starting a new project or the like. There will be stuff that is going to come up for us over the coming weeks to do with LOVE. New love, shedding old wounds, self-love and feeling just more optimistic in general with our relationships and love lives.

Our friend the deer is asking us to really tune into this energy and decide what we take action on, and what we leave to the universe to sort out. Do we move forward or fight for something we feel very strongly about right now? or do we bow our heads with grace and move on? There are definitely plenty of things happening in the cosmos to allow us to really decern what is meant for us right now and what isn't. Tuning in really deeply is going to help us to decide what is fear based and what is our intuition. This might mean to actually workshop things thoroughly.
Another thing we are going to encounter is a kind of overwhelm regarding the many mountains we want to climb this year. We have strong and clear visions now of what we would like our year to look like, and this week is our chance to schedule, plan and map out our time wisely. We all know that choosing to focus on one thing at a time is key to moving forward on most things in our lives, and this week this is really highlighted.
It might be that yesterday, like me, you were overwhelmed by all the things so much that you didn't do nearly as much as you would have if you just chose one to focus on... so today, you know better and will do better. It's just like that. Small reminders of what works for you and what doesn't - and we will be honouring what we need, how we work best and really taking action on implementing that better this week, and this year in general.
Self-discipline will be a really strong theme for the beginning of this year while we gain momentum and rebuild our towers. A strong foundation is key and we definitely know this now and have learnt of its importance throughout 2016 when many things fell away or didn't go to plan.

Big love from deer and me,
Sarah xo

animoon reading DEER

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