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Animoon reading for the 1st - 7th May 2017

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SIGNS! SIGNS! SIGNS! Are you seeing them too? As I said last week, the veil has been lifted - we are all VERY connected to other dimensions right now, so we are really hyper aware and being given many visual signs from source right now. The purpose of this is that we are all levelling up to another level of our own spiritual growth, and even though we are experiencing some growing pains, they are being balanced with some really magical synchronicities  - instant manifestations.
Our messenger this week, the CROW is all about us taking note of the signs we are being sent. The crow is the connected to the spirit world and opens channels of communication between the realms, allowing us to receive divine wisdom if we are open to hearing it. The crow will often come to us when we’re in need of healing and when we’re ready to take a big leap for our soul’s growth. Have faith and hold on tight!
We are in our final week of mercury retrograde too, where we will feel a last big surge of energy to clean up old projects, tie up loose ends and prep for what feels like a new beginning and chapter in our lives. May is going to be MAGICK. We are really getting some special creative flow, as well as plenty of new opportunities flowing in from places we have felt stale for quite a while.
There is much more light than dark in our minds now, but do remember that a mix of both is still very normal and HEALTHY - so don’t stress if you still feel burdened or overwhelmed by everything happening around you. Key is to really really focus on what YOU can do, and try to take on less of other peoples (and the worlds) problems. We are all being called by our angels to raise our vibrations and help do the same for the planet - they need us now more than ever. We have rebuilt our strength and are stepping into the shoes we have chosen for ourselves.
You may also feel really drawn to bringing more symbols and meaningful talismans, nature and other beautiful and natural inspirations into your home and office too, allowing for us to really stay put into this magical feeling and this feeling of being home and safe and inspired and positive.
crow message
Massive clean outs are happening. In every sense of this statement. Physically, mentally and spiritually - detoxing EVERYTHING. Purge. Reset. Take positive action this week on finishing up everything you have felt called to do during the retrograde and work with the first quarter moon energy which is all about ACTION. You will have heaps of energy to put into this if you stay focused and don’t get ahead of yourself.
Doing the work this week will help you to really make this month magical and manifest some really amazing things. Trust the process. Follow the signs. Listen to your intuition. Tap into nature. You are being spoken to CONSTANTLY right now. Write down all the downloads. Collect all the things you need to arm yourself for this next adventure. Do the work. 
Stay connected to your source energy and try not to distract yourself with excess noise. Listen carefully to your intuition and how you are feeling towards certain things - what feels expansive and what feels heavy? Focus on the expansion. There will be a huge surge in creative energy this week, so tap into it where you can to set the foundation of this magical month ahead.
Finish projects off! This week you will have all the planets working in your favour to get through any of the last things you felt you needed to revisit during this retrograde period. You are sitting in the space between the old and new you right now, so finalise whatever you can to maximise manifestations for the month ahead.
I hope this has resonated, please feel free to leave a comment below about what really struck a cord with you.

Big love and crow magick,
Sarah x
(Associated talismans to this week's reading are REBIRTH and MASTER MAGNETISM

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  • April on

    Hello Sisters! I love this reading! The BIG thing I have seen over the past 2 wks is the change in the Wind…I love the wind because with wind comes change and although we don’t always think change is good, it is perfect timing for me! Hubby is going out of town for 3 – 4 wks to work and I get to go through all of the stuff that doesn’t serve us and pass it on to someone who needs it. :) I have also been given opportunity to run Art workshops on my own calendar with a group in my city that houses physically and mentally challenged ladies. They LOVE crafting and I love making them happy. I have entered only 2 crafters shows this Summer due to my already busy month of May! Mala Monday Workshop tonight with a group of ladies. Thank you for this lovely valedation Sarah. Blessings :)

  • Laura on

    How random! I have been seeing black crows outside my window so much lately. I never see them there and I kept thinking that it was making me nervous because I wasn’t used to them being around… Well now it all makes sense!! Thanks doll x

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