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Animoon Reading for the week of 3rd-9th April

whale communication oracle card the fifth element life
I feel this one already - don’t you? and OF COURSE - we have the messenger of communication in the lead up to our next Mercury in retrograde period (April 9- May 3).
What have you been experiencing the last few days that might be indicating the kinds of things that we are going to need to focus on over the next month? There are going to be some gentle whispers - or even some violent roars for your attention! The whale is such a great teacher for us this week - they communicate using their own mystical language, mixing unique ranges of whistles and clicks that use sonar and melodic sound to communicate.
They receive sounds directly through their throats into their ear canals, which came be seen as symbolic of truly communicating your needs, desires and expressing yourself truly through your creative ventures. So this week is a huge week for implementation on any new things you dreamt up and set intentions for with last weeks new moon, and everything is really working in your favour - particularly Wednesday - Sunday with creativity and organisation! Ride this wave diligently and you will really make some amazing progress!
This will also be a week where we will really need to speak up for ourselves in many ways - creating further clarity on where you stand with certain aspects of your life. You may have been playing peacekeeper or not wanting to rock the boat with certain things, but this week we are being guided to take action by voicing our opinions on the matter and establishing clear boundaries on what you want and don’t want in particular areas of focus right now.
I personally had a perfect example of this play out for me yesterday, where I was tested and triggered around something I obviously hadn’t been clearly communicating until that point. I sat with it, and responded with very clear boundaries and confirmation on how I had been feeling about this situation/person was established and cemented for me. This is a time where our intuitive pulls or gut feelings on things will be given a chance to be proven right.
We often don’t always listen to these, and like the whale, we can expect for these things to resurface for air this week or in the following weeks to be rightly addressed and sent back down to the depths again. It’s a period of really working out where we want to be, who we want to be with, and how we want others to see and also treat us. This also goes for how we are communicating to ourselves! If there is nothing major standing out for you to do with others in your life, then your message is to address how you speak to and about yourself and your life. Is this really what you want? Is this how you really want others to see you, and how you truly see yourself? Be mindful of this inner and outer dialogue and perhaps implement some slight improvements and positive spins on the way you speak about yourself and raise this vibration higher.
 communication message the fifth element life
Over the next couple of days, expect comfort zones to be pushed, defences to be up and possible introversion and hiding to be evident within ourselves and others around us - and later in the week is where the big performances will commence and we will have our time in the limelight! Express with pride, get super clear on what you want and get creative with your delivery so you can really make a huge impression, impact or resonance to those exposed to it.
By the weekend, we will feel super powerful and like we are organised and on top of the most pressing issues and really be able to reap the rewards of our conscious efforts in communicating our desires this week.
Prepare to put your foot down, baby! It's all about tests and triggers this week, where we will be given ample opportunities to SPEAK UP about things that have felt out of alignment for us or have been causing us anxiety or stress. Get super clear on what you want to say, and go for it. Get creative with your delivery so that the message is received with love, respect and resonance. This is totally a good thing and will help us all to raise our vibrations and avoid further confusion or low vibe situations moving forward in this element of our lives.


It's go time! Head down, bum up this week and we really gotta tap into this good shit and ride the wave as long as we can! Avoid procrastination and distraction, because towards the end of the week we have everything working in our favour to really make some great momentum with whatever it was we set intentions on creating in our lives last week with the new moon. This week it will be all about creativity, organisation and progress! Don't look back, or even sideways! The time to tweak will come, now it's all about getting shit done!

I hope this has resonated, please feel free to leave a comment below about what really struck a cord with you.

Big love and whale magick,
Sarah x
(Associated talismans to this week's reading are MASTER MAGNETISM and WATERESS)

animoon oracle cards reading spirit animal the fifth element life whale

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  • tessa on

    Beautiful, love your work <3 when I found you 2 + years ago I hadn’t realised I had neglected the animals in my world. Now I am diving deeper and deeper constantly receiving animal magik messages, via real encounters, dreams and random images popping into my mind, all resonating and with perfect timing <3 so so much love and gratitude to the work you do and share dear sister xoxoxo

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