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Animoon Reading for week 13th - 19th Feb 2017

Peahen Messenger
Kin essence "How you nurture others is a reflection of how you wish to nurture yourself".

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I’m not one to reflect on the past too much in these readings, but I wanted to touch on the energy we experienced last week which we are still feeling now and in the next few days, allowing it to subside and ease by the end of the week.

So, as you may have noticed - last week, it was near impossible for me to get my reading to you. Firstly, the link was broken in the email. Then, I resent it and somehow managed to delete the entire reading from my blog the next day, leaving heaps of you unable to access any of it! I then had to re-write some of it and repost it, in hopes that you would find the reading if you were meant to! I lost almost 50 subscribers to these readings - the most I’ve ever had! 

I reflected on this because it seemed like the entire week last week was riddled with tests. Physical, technical and emotional tests were everywhere. Inconvenience, challenges and triggers a-plenty! It was definitely something to do with last week being the last of that 2016 energy around in the lead up to the full moon over the weekend. It was almost as if we were all so ready to power on in full force,  yet all this stuff was being resurfaced in the process. It was a real time for everyone to purge (including my subscribers!) the things that they no longer felt aligned with or could tolerate. It's about boundary setting and really choosing things that add value to our lives, instead of settling. No longer works for you?! GET RID OF IT!

peahen message animal kin oracle sarah wilder

Anyway, I sat with this and wondered what it was all about. Personally, I was triggered by a few things that are my acknowledged “weak” spots. One was a particularly funny story to do with tinder (which I might share one day on our podcast that we are workshopping!) and I feel, as we roll into this new week, in the wake of the full moon on Saturday, that it’s a lot about self-worth and being your own biggest fan regardless of what happens!!

I’ve drawn us the peahen card this week who represents a really beautiful mother-like and nurturing energy. Peahens are similar to chickens, in that they are a symbol of motherhood, fertility, nourishment and harmony. (See the full peahen meaning here if you want to learn more!)

As you are likely aware, tomorrow is Valentines Day - so this darling is the perfect messenger for us as a collective. I’m not a huge fan of this day and the consumerism side of it, but I do value its message of love. I feel like it is our duty this week to re-write what this day means to us. Instead of it triggering us, having us either feel very loved or very unloved, it’s more a chance for us to nurture our own little souls that have been yearning for attention.

What side of yourself have you been neglecting? Is it your creative side? Is it your sensual side? Is it your vulnerable and soft side? Is it your physical body? Find some space in your day, particularly on Tuesday to reflect on which part of you yearns for the most attention, and give it to her, baby! Just choose one little loving act and follow through with it for yourself and enjoy the transformational properties this act will have on your energy and of the unfolding of your week!peahen iillustration sarah wilder the fifth element life

I know personally one of my biggest challenges in life is to put myself first, and this week we are being guided to choose ourselves over anything else. Life is about balance, after all. If you give all your love to others, do you receive just as much back? There is a fine art to this, right? Some of us really know how to juggle everything, evenly distribute our love and accept it right back without question…..but for others who find this a weakness of theirs, this is going to be highlighted to us through many pathways this week - and the peahen is asking us to make sure if we are giving, we are getting right back - and NOT feeling apologetic for it.



The peahen is asking that you take note of your inner voice this week who is saying to you that you are not worthy of all that you seek or that you are already receiving - “what did I do to deserve this?” may be something you catch yourself saying, either as negative or positive. Notice which one it is, and then help yourself to accept it and receive the message, wholeheartedly. Are you loving yourself this week? What are you saying to yourself that you could change or shift into a more positive light? Does your inner voice and dialogue nurture and nourish you, or is it punishing you? Reflect.


The Peacock asks you to BE OPEN TO RECEIVE. If someone is showing you love, allow it. If they are not, are you showing yourself love? How are you loving and nurturing yourself this week? Write yourself a damn love letter. Be your own valentine before anyone else! Pleasure and treasure yourself this week, let it set the tone of how you wish to be treated and watch others around you follow suit.

I hope this has resonated, please feel free to leave a comment below about what really struck a cord with you.

Big love and peahen magick,

Sarah x

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  • Brittney on

    Your readings are alway so inspirational and thought provoking. Thank you for this, especially the last line – “let it set the tone of how you wish to be treated and watch others follow suit”. LOVE THIS! ❤️

  • Sasha on

    100% right on. I so resonate with this. Thank you for this. It came on day I most need to read these words. Xoxo

  • Steph on

    Oh how accurate! There was errors, issues and challenges last week. And tonight I broke down about my self love – or lack thereof. Cannot believe how spot on these beautiful words are. Thank you! X

  • Alana on

    HA! Must have been one of ‘those’ tinder weeks as I uploaded it for the first time and I couldn’t have found myself in a more entangled situation if I had concocted it personally!!

  • Ginny on

    Thank you Sarah,

    as always, your reading is so resonant and such beautiful guidance for what is and what is coming…

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