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Animoon reading for week of 20th - 26th March 2017 (EQUINOX)

water dragon oracle card the fifth element life sarah wilder
It’s no real coincidence that we have drawn the messenger of ‘balance’, The Water Dragon this week, on the day of the Spring Equinox (Northern Hemisphere) and Autumn Equinox (Southern Hemisphere). The equinox is when day and night are (almost) perfectly balanced across the 24 hours, and also marks the official change in season for us all. Can you feel it?
The moon is also in it’s the third quarter, so we have ANOTHER symbol or influence of harvesting balance within our lives this week, too.
We will feel particularly drawn to tweak and fine tune things at work early in the week, where things have felt either really overwhelming to the point of not really feeling like we have made any ground lately or we haven’t been seeing the results we have been expecting yet, or that we have been simply neglecting the work that’s needed to be done, and now we are feeling guilty or behind and need to really up the anti with our self-discipline and work ethic to get back into balance so we aren’t sabotaging our lives any further.
Putting in some hard yards this week will allow us to feel more inspired and let in some beautiful magic later in the week - this feeling of being stuck is ready to lift, as long as we are willing to put in the energy now.
Also, a message for across the board - how can you make things better this week? Something has felt “off” - probably to do with allowing something or someone to influence you in a way that you feel like you are no longer in control - what can you do to get back in the driver's seat? There will be two roads to take - and this week we are being asked to choose one - do you choose the emotional depths of the situation (perhaps you have been avoiding feeling your feelings on something and you need to now face and address it or express it) or do you need to take action and move up and away from something that has been keeping you down and vulnerable? (perhaps you have overstayed your welcome and need to take higher ground and gain some higher perspective on the situation).
water dragon message sarah wilder the fifth element life
The water dragon is such a beautifully well-adapted reptile - who really embraces his dualities perfectly. This guy is all about low lows and high highs, he knows to just ride them out and use them to his advantage. This means honouring when you are feeling like you need to retreat, and doing so, unapologetically, and also knowing when to put in the work and be out there getting what you want - and doing so with great power and passion.
Our message this week is to really trust our intuitive pulls to take action where needed, in order to regain our power and feel like we have really made some ground this moon cycle - particularly with the new moon next week, this week we are to make the final changes and tweaks to our stories to really set an example of what we will tolerate and what we will not stand for in our lives. As I mentioned last week, venus is in retrograde, so we are really seeing some old stuff come up for us where we may be tested by others, (particularly old and new lovers or friends) who trigger us and show us where we have grown over the last 2 years, and where we need to continue to heal, improve or acknowledge within ourselves. We need to practice and reinforce the boundaries we have set for ourselves previously, and these tests are here to remind us of what we have outgrown.
There is a big theme of self-love here too, so this week we may also need to fine-tune our self-love routines and practices to ensure we are filling our own tanks enough and aren’t relying on others to provide us with this. The more self-love and respect we practice, the more this will be mirrored to us in our relationships - so now is the perfect time to really focus on love and relationships and see where we need to make improvements. 
There is some old stuff coming up for us to sit with and heal, particularly with the past or new relationships/friendships and it's this kind of disappointing feeling. What is it about this that we can dig up and learn about ourselves? Self-worth is big here. What will you tolerate? Might be worth reassessing our own person "deal-breaker" lists and making sure everything is feeling in alignment with this, this week. Tweaking this list will allow for everything to fall back into place and feel back in balance in time for the new moon and for setting new intentions next week.
Where can you assert your authority this week? How can you take back the power in the situation? At work or home there is some work to do, how are you going to tackle this? Look at the situation from a birds eye view to gain further insight and see where things need improvement, focus or adjustment. 
I hope this has resonated, please feel free to leave a comment below about what really struck a cord with you.
Big love and water dragon magick,
Sarah x
(Associated talismans to this week's reading are DIVINE DUALITY and NOURISH AND NURTURE )

animoon reading spirit animal water dragon

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  • Merielle on

    This felt like a very personal reading this week. I’m experiencing some big emotions around relationships (past and present), and especially a deep one from the past that completely unbalanced me. This has given me some guidance at getting back to my own power. Thank you so much!!

  • Jennifer on

    This is pretty spot on for me too. The most unique occurrences are happening and it’s very interesting. I’m greatly aware of how different I’m handling these things now than I would have even a few months ago. I personally feel like I’ve grown, but I’m definitely being tested about what I stand for – and some of it is indeed bringing up icky feelings. I was literally just thinking yesterday that I need to make a dealbreaker list, haha!

  • Shar on

    Wow! Rings true for me with the feeling guilty about not doing a project I have started and need to get back into it! Making a macrame wedding arch but iv Been procrastinating by clearing out cupboards and rooms of clutter to try make space in my mind to tackle it again!

  • Caitie on

    This is definitely resonating with me.. even key words I wrote in my journal this morning and appearing here – discipline, practice, self-love. I’m feeling the excitement of this renewal season! <3

  • tina on

    couldn’t have been more spot on. thank you. x

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