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Animoon reading for week of 13th - 19th March 2017

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This week has a really different vibe to that of the last few weeks where it was a lot of action/doing and progressive kind of energy. This full moon energy has us all bringing up deeper stuff and shining the light on things that we haven’t had to face in a while. There is this theme of power as an individual, which has come through in our moon calendar reading and from our animal messenger, the fox this week.
This week with this full moon in Virgo we may find that we look at things a little differently right now and see that all the work we have been putting in is paying off and that actually we are feeling quite content with where we are right now. There is this kind of goddess energy about this week where we are realising how powerful we are now as an individual and that we deserve the best of the best, in every way. We are not wanting to settle or sell ourselves short - holding onto our feminine power this week is key to get the most out of the seeds we have sown with the last new moon.
We are also feelin' a little foxy! There may even be heaps of old lovers, friends or connections you made years ago coming back through the spiral for one last test - these are your little reminders of who you once were and remind you of where you are now and how much you have grown and experienced since. Little reminders of what you deserve, you love and you really don't want anymore!
We are sitting in this little bubble right now which shows us that things can be actually quite balanced if we just stop and tune into everything around us going on and make a few tweaks to our schedule. We have been creating a very busy kind of energy around us lately, trying to be something to everyone and this week we are being guided to retreat from this buzz and output and really stop and restore, reflect and think about things more deeply to gain further insight and strength.
fox message sarah wilder the fifth element life
Towards the end of the week, we may even encounter some super deep stuff come up - it could likely be to do with relationships or connections to others - and we will really want to spend some serious alone time to process this properly and gain further clarity before addressing it in the real world. We may experience some intense feelings that demand our attention this week - and we are being urged to really make time for ourselves and the fox is asking that we stay present with it, work with the feelings fluidly and not make any major decisions or movements until we have really had some deep reflection time. We will want to act fast or impulsively as we could be triggered quite suddenly - but the message here is to stay in your power and stay connected to yourself and what you need and desire first and foremost before giving others what they expect from you.
Trust that everything will hit you when you need it, and in the meantime choose the simple life to regain your composure and power. This will allow us to then move forward into the next phase with further clarity to add another layer to our new foundation - one where we are building something that is for the greater good - our individual puzzle pieces each being placed into the collective picture which is acting as the foundation of the new world order we are creating together.
There is a gut feeling to disconnect from what everyone else is doing and to really tap into our own inner wisdom this week and see what things we really need as individuals, not as a collective. Make some ‘selfish’ decisions which will ultimately allow you to move through to a place of great personal power again and bring that back in new ways that inspire others to continue to create change and keep moving forward, together.
Saying 'no' this week may just be your saving grace!  Everyone will want to be around you because we are feeling more powerful and magnetic lately with our energy and choosing to back away from making any big decisions or plans at work or in your personal life until you really feel 'ready' again will allow us to retain our energy and use it more wisely in the coming weeks when we will be required to be out and actioning things again.
I hope this has resonated, please feel free to leave a comment below about what really struck a cord with you.
Big love and Foxy magick,
Sarah x
(Associated talismans to this week's reading are MASTER MAGNETISM and PATIENCE, PRESENCE + PRIORITY )

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  • Samantha on

    OH MY GOODNESS!! Thank you Sarah. The entire message resonated with me, every word of it. Normally a wordsmith, I am struggling to find words to write this comment, let alone write how, why and what impact this message has had on me. I couldn’t make sense of what I was feeling this week until now. Again Sarah thank you

  • Karyn on

    Disconnecting from what everyone else is doing resonated with me in more than 1 way… I need to remember to stop thinking about what everyone else is doing and that being different and being true to myself and my own journey is most important ❤️

  • Bethwyn on

    Oh yes, really needed to hear this. Especially re: making ‘selfish’ decisions! I am deciding what to get using my birthday money and was originally totally going to get one thing, but have changed my mind and realised I was still trying to push myself back to the original choice because that is what people are ‘expecting’ of me! Not a helpful way to think. Going to go my way!

  • Robyn on

    Love the Foxy magick!!!
    All of this weeks reading totally resonates with me. I have had a few old connections even from 35 years ago get in touch with me again. Yes I have really had an awesome life in the years in between. I have come so far on my wonderful journey and I am so grateful and thankful for a lot of the experiences I have had and all they wild crazy fun ones I have yet to manifest. R :) xx

  • Roisin on

    I didn’t get the chance to read this week’s on Monday; and I feel that was meant to be because the connection to what I’ve just read wouldn’t have impacted me in such a way if I had.
    Through personal growth and finding things that bring me happiness I have changed into a stronger person who isn’t settling for just what is easy.
    This week’s reading confirmed the feelings I went through yesterday and it excites me to see whats next.

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