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Animoon Reading for week of 20th - 26th February 2017

3rd quarter moon - 'Revision' theme

Bee messenger - Kin essence “The way YOU do things is the key to personal power” bee spirit animal card sarah wilder the fifth element life

This week it’s all about small but significant tweaks to get back into alignment  - it’s the little things we revise this week which may seem small and insignificant to some, but boy will they pack a punch in the ripple effect across the collective!

We are all being slightly tested and triggered by small trivial things in our lives but it is in our reaction to them that is making a significant difference to our path. This is a great time to really check in with ourselves and ask ourselves some hard truths - are we happy with the person we are unfolding within? Are we content with the role we play in others lives and do we feel at ease in our relationships, friendships and the like? Do we truly love and appreciate ourselves and our contribution to society?

Or does something feel slightly off, or like you may be taken advantage of in some way and need to speak up or act up in a way that allows you to take charge again of your life? Leading up to the new moon next Monday we will have a chance to really sit into these, feel them out and straighten them out if we need to! Doing the work now while we are still in the middle of this 2 week eclipse window is perfect for manifesting more of what it is we desire and cutting out any unnecessary drama or confusion that we seem to have been attracting more of lately.

bee message the fifth element life

You may find that as of yesterday (Sunday) we will have felt quite fiery and fiercely passionate about something, especially if someone or something has triggered you  - like calling you out on something! Over the next few days we may also experience some up-leveling where we feel like we are being called to rise up and take leadership and ownership of some situations where we feel others really need to see us be, in order to be taken seriously and move forward. This is where some deeper clarity will arise, where intuitively we will really know what needs to be worked on and what needs to be left to others - and come the new moon, we will have a new perspective and feel very confident and in tune with what it is we want and deserve for the next month ahead, creating more harmony and peace  moving forward.

The bee is extremely hard working, strong and powerful and our messenger this week to show us that there is no one-size fits all approach to life (read more on their meaning here). The pathways we choose are always going to be unique to us, regardless of what it might look like to others, and we have to continue to show others our own personal powers in this world and stand up for things we believe showcase our strengths and to try and own our weaknesses without allowing them to ‘run the show’ so to speak.

bee illustration by sarah wilder the fifth element life

There is this whole “queen bee” attitude to this week ahead, where you are calling the shots in your life and are having to actively practice the art of detachment. This is not a week to be submissive! But definitely be assertive, yet respectful. Only apologise for things you feel you are truly sorry for, but then don’t take on things that aren’t actually your problem. This is a big message this week. You, like a bee, have one job - to live your life in harmony with your own purpose - and that is to continue to be the best version of yourself that you can be. All the rest is truly not your problem.

I’ve encountered many people in the last few days who are allowing their fears and anxieties and insecurities take the drivers seat right now (I’m not immune to this myself!) and I feel as a collective, this is reflective of just how much we are being called to step into our personal power and to own it without judgement, and we are being met or challenged with an equal amount of resistance (everything is about balance, after all). You can see this even in our political climate where there are more and more people choosing to favour left, so the right are throwing tantrums and trying to strengthen their positions of power.




The bee (queen bee, to be precise!) is asking that you take stock of where you are at in the community and re-establish yourself based on your worth and value to others. It is time to stop making yourself small and insignificant in comparison to others - much like last weeks reading, you are worthy and you are very powerful, more than you give yourself credit for. The sooner you let this message charge you up, the more you will become a hub of energy that will allow for you to attract whatever it is you want! Just like a bee to a flower, baby!


The worker bee is letting us know that in order to rise and re-work things in our favour this week, we have to speak up and take action - implementing small changes, tweaks or even re-establishing boundaries and roles that have felt a bit blurred or not balanced. Claim back your power in the situation, as much as it's going to feel foreign and kinda strange to put your highest good first, this is the week to be doing so as we are in a window of opportunity to seriously upgrade some shit and we can't be looking back or thinking small right now!

I hope this has resonated, please feel free to leave a comment below about what really struck a cord with you.

Big love and queen bee magick,

Sarah x

(Associated talismans to this week's reading are 'PASSION IS POWER' and 'MASTER MAGNETISM')


animoon reading bee

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  • Jen Thompson on

    These week really resonated with me. I am going through struggles personally with learning to accept the life that I have now as opposed to what I thought I’d have at this point and time. I actually just read this and went through my week first. Then, I read it to see if it applied and boy did it! This week at work I was pretty much asked to step it up and I actually felt a shift within me to do so. I feel energized and ready to move forward with my life and become exactly who I’ve always wanted to be, not who anyone else has wanted me to become. Ready to be a Queen Bee :)

  • Maryanne Torok on

    Exactly what i needed to hear this week! Walked out the door in wintry London on Sunday and saw a bumble bee buzzing by me – the first and only i have seen so far since last summer! The timing…

    Nodding fiercely at: “live your life in harmony with your own purpose – and that is to continue to be the best version of yourself that you can be. All the rest is truly not your problem.” Beautiful words thank you xx

  • Deanne Hislop on

    Just got a chance to read this. My boy was stung by a bee on Sunday, he has been stung many times before as they are all over our grass but this time his leg swelled up and he had to take two days off school. It was a needed break from his and a beautiful reminder of how lucky I ma to have such a beautiful boy during a time when I am fighting environmental activism and feeling very downbeat. Loved this

  • HIlary on

    I’ve been dealing with high anxieties of my own and am tryin to not let others problem bother me or consume me, so your message is very relatable

  • Abigail on

    Love this week’s message – totally on point for me. I pulled an Isis Oracle card while meditating last night and its message was one of transformation, creative flow and burning away old energies, habits, beliefs. Reading your message today, the universe is clearly emphasising my need to focus on the person I want to be and taking small practical steps to manifest that. It’s easy to overlook or under-value opportunities for subtle adjustments when we think of ‘transformation’. Over time these tweaks accumulate and embed and without knowing it, transformation has happened! The small steps we take really do have a big impact on our lives. We should relish the opportunity to make seemingly minor changes because they can manifest into big, beautiful transformations in the long run ☺

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