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Animoon reading for week of 24th - 1st May

turtle oracle card animal kin the fifth element life
This weeks energy theme is “homecoming” - the second I drew this card it felt right at home with us. It felt like this beautiful creature, the turtle, was finally coming back after years out at sea to return to their place of birth to birth the next cycle of our soul. Funnily enough, on a more person note, I’ve always associated myself and my energy with the turtle, so naturally, this feels like a very personal message to myself as much as the collective. (Exciting things to share on this note very soon!).
We may all feel the pull to nest and focus on things at home, reworking things that haven’t been flowing and setting up our most sacred space to suit who we are right now, as the energy has now shifted so strongly that our homes and offices no longer feel like a match or reflection of our upgraded vibrations. Expect to want to move house, change jobs, or at the very least, redecorate and nest to make things feel more reflective of who you are now. There has been a massive shift in energy from survival to now wanting to expand and explore what is behind those borderlines we’ve had up protecting us for so long.
The powerful combo of the turtle messenger - who is all about longevity reminds us this week not to RUSH through this process we are experiencing…. it’s a shift, but not a sudden one. Revile in the little precious moments this new moon energy is creating for us, as this is the whole point of the life we have chosen! Allow this to be your little reminder that it’s never about the end result, it’s ALWAYS about the feeling the process gives us. ALWAYS.
Turtles remind us to stay dedicated and determined to achieve our goals with serenity and grace. Turtles are the ultimate old soul, bringing with them the experience of many lifetimes and wild stories from the great seas. Their ancient wisdom and faultless grace touches our spirit and reminds us of the importance of each precious moment.
Mix this beautiful transitional wise energy with a SUPER new moon in Taurus mid week, and we will expect beautiful things to take place and feel so “right” for the next phase of your life. It may not be the exact idea you have had for yourself for a while, but it’s definitely another key step in the direction you are wanting to take. This is our homecoming. We are shifting direction energetically and this could mean simply removal of blocks we have created in the past to keep ourselves small, it could be new opportunities, or the cleansing of all the old and dead energy in our lives, particularly physical things that we are feeling the need to purge and detach from.
turtle message animal kin oracle
We will be experiencing some growing pains here, but remember, you are protected. Like the turtle, you are already home where you are now. You have everything you need within you. Therefore, the process here is just making the move to live out your life somewhere that reflects who you are, enabling you to thrive. Having the right people, the right location, the right vibration to create the life you dream of now is key to transitioning from the survival mode to the thriving vibes we are heading into.
One amazing thing I learnt when I visited the Loggerhead turtle nesting spots here in QLD last year was that the walk from hatchlings nest to the ocean is the most important one they will ever have. Their connection to the earth is so strong they program the longitude and latitude of the exact beach in which they are born, and when they return once they reach maturity, some 20 years later, they then know to travel back here to this sanctuary to lay their eggs. This is significant to us this week as I feel this is the memory in which I feel this new moon is unlocking in us. That we are now feeling divinely guided to the place we are meant to be to begin the next chapter of our lives. It's been a long time coming. Everything has lined us up to be here, right now. Can you feel it? There is new-ness in the air. Hope. Faith. Joy. Abundance. Happiness, all at our fingertips.
We are to trust and feel right into this one. If we set the intention to follow this flow and imprint within us and trust that we already know if something is right or not and allow for it to unfold naturally without force and control, magic is GOING to happen. This energy is so so beautiful guys, please try and tap into it where you can - even in the tiniest of alterations can guide us to the biggest shifts and positive change <3
Little steps forward, in faith and with all that wisdom you have gained from your time here on earth. Now is the time to make it all so.
Big love and turtle magic,
Sarah xo 
ps if this resonates - please leave me a message below! I LOVE reading your feedback and stories of syncroncity xo

ANIMAL KIN oracle card spirit animal the fifth element life turtle

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  • T.Bailey on

    Bam! spot on as always Sarah, love your work, wear your jewelry & write in your beautifully made journals & revel in your animal kin deck!
    Thank you for answering your call it speaks to my soul on so many levels.
    T. Bailey Montana, USA.

  • Sarah on

    WOW… I had made time for myself after a full on few weeks (all good stuff working with coaches through my deep stuff thats still holding me back from true pure amazingness)… and everything I felt and journaled and set intentions for, you have articulated (I read this after I had journaled and meditated). SO SO reassuring and very cool. I feel connected with your blog most weeks but this one blew my mind! Thank you xS

  • Jodie on

    At 39 weeks pregnant this weeks message feels bang on point! Thanks for sharing xx

  • Karen on

    Sarah your weekly readings are spot on every time. As an energy healer I appreciate your insight and I always resonate with your thoughts. We just sold our home last night, so I too feel the beautiful flow of abundance coming through and the next step in our lives. Thankyou for your gift.

  • Angela on

    Hi Sarah,

    This reading reasonated with me on all levels. I love how the turtle showed up this week. Thank you for showing me how to navigate this magic time.

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