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Animoon Reading for week of 27th February - 5th March 2017

cardinal card animal kin oracle the fifth element life

Kin Essence – "Tell your story with pride to attract your tribe"

Wow, this is a potent one, don’t ya feel?! I’ve felt this one building up over the course of last week and we have learnt some things about ourselves in the last few days which have been locked up for quite some time - I feel this is related to our own sensual/sexual/creative energy and desires and albeit a little confusing about why things have been coming up for you relating to these, it’s come at a really beautiful time for us as a collective because we can no longer suppress it, this wild energy within, and we are ready to embrace our passionate sides more fully as we move into this next month.
I’ve drawn us the Cardinal card, which was the very last card I created for the Animal Kin deck. He almost didn’t make it, but boy am I glad he did because this card is A REALLY IMPORTANT ONE. Being an Australian, I’ve never had the chance to see or meet a cardinal, but a few of our TFEL tribe members are visited by them regularly and they sound so beautiful and special.
There is particular imagery of this bird that really comes to me when I draw this card (which was described to me by one of our lovely community when I first began to illustrate him) - and that is of him, the male cardinal (who has this beautiful vibrant red plumage) sitting in a stark tree, in the winter, surrounded by snow cover. This image of everything outside the window being white, except this small, bright red bird.
For this new moon in Pisces, I’ve sat with this imagery for us and can see that our message from him for the week ahead is to celebrate our first step forward to exploring new passions and desires, even before we feel we are “ready” to be seen in the new light it may bring. What I mean by this is that we must, of course, set an intention to further explore our passions and desires this new moon, but to also not be afraid to already act as if we are embodying that energy already, before we actually are acting them out.
Does that make sense? For example, if you have felt sexually oppressed or have neglected your sensual side lately due to putting everyone else first, there is something about setting intentions to further explore this desire this week and over the course of the month (whether it be to take up dance classes, buy yourself some new sexy or feminine clothes or to explore new heights with your lover etc - whatever will help you to fire up your sacral chakra) but the teaching from our friend the cardinal is to take a bolder approach in embodying the energy first of someone who is confidently excelling in this and to not be afraid to be seen AS this passionate creature.
cardinal message animal kin oracle the fifth element life
If you are wanting to explore more sexually, then it’s ok to embody the energy of a sexually confident and promiscuous woman, in fact, we are to celebrate her! Same goes if this is more about your passion for the arts - maybe you are wanting to pick up a paintbrush again but haven’t felt good enough to call yourself “an artist” - this is exactly where things are to shift and you are to own and embody the energy of yourself as an artist, regardless of the end result or what your idea of a good artist is. If you love or feel like you need to explore something that will enrich your life, you do it. Shifting our energy and attitude towards things that we fear or feel very unfamiliar are key focuses for us right now as we continue to become very well-rounded and balanced ‘new’ humans.
How can you take on this week with a renewed sense of self-confidence and passion towards your life and the daily tasks you manage? If you haven’t felt connected to your life lately, I feel like this week there is an opportunity to shift this and get back into control and get back into loving the shit out of where you are right now. Allow the (imaginary) pressure on you to be something you’re not, just melt away…. allow yourself to be seen for who you are and, like the cardinal, choose to stand out and through your beautiful song, grant permission to others to do the same for themselves. Lead first with your presence, then the beautiful actions that unfold from this will take us all into a beautiful new chapter of our spiritual evolution. It will also help us to attract more people into our lives who are in full alignment with this new energy we are taking on - whether they show up as guides, teachers or support - they will be of great service to you at this time.
Lead first with your presence, then the beautiful actions that unfold from this will take us all into a beautiful new chapter of our spiritual evolution. It will also help us to attract more people into our lives who are in full alignment with this new energy we are taking on - whether they show up as guides, teachers or support - they will be of great service to you at this time.



The female cardinal is showing us all about how to embrace our desires wholeheartedly and to trust in our own unique gifts or voice to attract others who will guide us out into the spotlight of our own story. Determining exactly what our strengths are and using them to our advantage this week in moving towards exploring our passions is key. Our mindset towards this new moon will set the tone for what's to unfold physically for us, so tailor it wisely!


The male cardinal is commanding you to step into a new role boldly and to claim the space as if you have already been there for years. This is about finally being seen for something that others wouldn't necessarily associate you with, but feel like it's a perfect fit for you for where you are now in your story. Claim this space and watch how you attract many who sing your praises for stepping up finally!


I hope this has resonated, please feel free to leave a comment below about what really struck a cord with you.

Big love and Cardinal magick,

Sarah x

(Associated talismans to this week's reading are 'PASSION IS POWER' and 'MASTER MAGNETISM')

animoon reading cardinal spirit animal

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  • Arielle on

    As always, thank you for your insights and the energy in relaying them to us with such beauty!

    I have really been enjoying the masculine/feminine energy sections. They are a very clear, different approach to the same message for me, and they also feel like a very solid closure to the reading – confidently lead into embracing the week!

  • CHeryl on

    Oh wow……I signed up for drawing classes this week, something I’ve been wanting to do for years but didn’t think I had the talent….what I lack in natural ability, I make up for with passion…xx

  • michelle on

    Wow, the universe has a wonderful way of pointing you in the right direction when you need it! I’ve been feeling the new beginnings, stepping into the light & finding my tribe vibes lately so this post was perfect for me. Thanks for sharing your light with us each week xxoo

  • Dawn on

    Hello and thank you for sharing your gifts and talents! Cardinals have been so special to me for about a year now. When I was living in FL they came to me just about every day. They brought me incredible messages for that time. I have a dear friend who is an artist as well, she gave me a watercolor “artist card” she painted of a cardinal and on the back is the message she had from the cardinal. It is very similar to your reading! I carry it with me everywhere! I recently moved to Nevada, it’s winter now so I have not seen a cardinal for awhile. This is a beautiful reminder! I am currently embracing new things and deeply exploring dreams and passions that were put away for awhile. Your reading is spot on came at the perfect time! I’m so grateful! Thank you! With much gratitude, love and light, Dawn

  • Jen on

    Spot on! Setting my intentions this moon – I wrote about passion and finding/attracting my tribe. I feel it. In the air – all around. Thanks for this reading!

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