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Today brings forward something a little different for you all.
Now usually, I share every Monday a weekly energy forecast which I offer all year round.
However, we are going through some shifts over here at TFEL. I'm reflecting. Revising. Growing. Foundation setting. Expanding. Letting go. Diversifying (much more on this over the coming months).
With this, comes much more pressure on me to continue to create things you need, want and desire from the TFEL Universe. As we each expand and grow, so too do our needs - which I would really like to honour for myself, and you.
I am just letting you know that I will be taking the rest of 2017 to regroup on this weekly offering to you, in your inbox and on our blog and to put the time towards building something spectacular I want to launch in 2018 for you.
I have a vision for this brand, my online space, the TFEL direction, and simply need to create more space in my life and day to day bring this to life for you. All great things take time, and this is something I need to take in order to make our space as great as it has ever been!
Until then, I will be sharing weekly draws on Instagram + Facebook in mini readings/messages for you while I spend more time developing the next incarnation of this sacred gift to you over the next couple of months.
There are thousands of you that benefit from my weekly readings and from whatever I share in this email each week and I am FOREVER grateful for each and every one of you who have taken the time out of their week to open the emails/links, read my words, take on board the readings, and then even send me direct feedback about how much it resonates with you. THANK YOU. Please know how much this means to me that you are here.
This is what really lights me up each week, is reaching you, connecting with you and being of service to you. I want to do this more. In person. Online. I want to serve you better. I am open to whatever is guiding me right now, trusting that this required retreat time will allow me to come back in full force and really take you all somewhere special!
I hope that you can understand and appreciate how difficult this is for me to do, but also how necessary it is in order to show up fully and give you the best of me.
Please, stay in touch - I will drop into your inbox from time to time still with special updates leading up to the holiday season, and hopefully be ready to share with you the next chapter and our new website in the next couple of months, in time for the new year.
Much love and gratitude, Sarah xo

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