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Animoon Reading week of 27th March - 2nd April (New moon in Aries)

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There is going to be a slow and introspective start to this week where we are being guided to sit back and WATCH EVERYTHING, particularly today. Like our dear friend the chameleon, who has full 360-degree vision, we are deep in observation of ourselves and others over the weekend and entering into this new moon energy for the week. Collecting the final pieces of information and intuitive pulls we need to move forward.

The new moon tomorrow is in Aries, brings a beautiful breath of fresh and powerful playful energy - where we will feel quite energetic and ready to start a new project or take action on something that has been brewing within for a while. We’ve felt a little sluggish and slow of late, but that’s because I feel we have been reserving our energy for this new moon where we can really make something powerful happen if we truly focus hard and honour the fire within.

As you would know by now, new moons represent new beginnings and setting new intentions - so if there is something burning within that you have been wanting to explore - perhaps something that you’ve never quite had the chance too? Perhaps you have recently felt an urgency to express or address this matter - this week is the perfect time to declare it or set out a plan to move forward with it! 

Working with lunar energies is becoming increasingly important as we all begin to really tune into our own internal rhythms and realise that the rigid patriarchal system we have been raised in doesn’t serve us on a really deep and soul nurturing level, which is something most of us need and have been searching for elsewhere over the last few years. This is likely why a lot of us tend to find resources like this, and like-minded people like those in our TFEL community to really feel that sense of belonging and ‘home’ where we feel more and more ourselves as we dive deeper into things we feel more aligned with.

The new intentions this week could be in association with the venus retrograde period we are in, so could be related to relationships, sexuality, friendships and family life if you are really feeling the overhaul on all things that connect you to others, what you tolerate, what you desire, what you want to manifest or change or how you want to be feeling with others.

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There is also a kind of reminder about our energy this week here too - where have you been wasting yours? I know personally I’ve very good at filling up my plate with things that don’t necessarily help me in my present life - more like finding distractions and ways to avoid reality. This is our gentle reminder to acknowledge these actions (or inactions) and to work with this moon cycle to realign things in a positive way. Making minor tweaks or simply diverting our energy from things that take up too much time (hello social media!) will allow us the space in our lives to then consciously fill them with more rest, play or work - whatever you feel you need to focus on right now.

This will also come in handy for the weeks ahead when we hit our next Mercury retrograde period (April 9- May 3) and this new moon we may start to notice little things we will really need to address in the coming weeks. Kind of like a little trail of breadcrumbs, we are going to start to notice trends in what comes up for us and of things we are focusing on. Setting intentions now to really communicate these things to ourselves and others will help us during the retrograde period.

(For anyone interested - there is an amazing app I’ve recently installed on my phone that tracks the time/pick up intervals etc which is really great for keeping device addiction in check! It’s called RealizD.)

Remember, where focus goes, energy flows.

What have you noticed you can't stop thinking about or has been playing out over and over again in your internal dialog lately? Use this week to really reset these and reframe them positively in order to work through them and break through the glass ceiling we have been hitting constantly. There is a breakthrough ahead if we are willing to take the time and create the space and energy to acknowledge and address it.


What can you action this week towards a new plan, direction or project in your life? Do one little thing this week that is physically going to change the course of the month ahead. Is it to ask that person out? Is it to start that creative project? Is it to clean out your wardrobe and treat yourself to some new clothes that suit who you feel you are now? Inspired action is where the magick is this week. Take some time to plan it out and then go go go!
I hope this has resonated, please feel free to leave a comment below about what really struck a cord with you.

Big love and chameleon magick,
Sarah x
(Associated talismans to this week's reading are PATIENCE, PRESENCE + PRIORITY and FIRESS )

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