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dragonfly message sarah wilder the fifth element life
Kin Essence – Seeking within unlocks our infinite potential
The dragonfly is a totem for transformation, adaptability and dreams. Their iridescent, delicate wings connect us with the beauty that is all around us and remind us to be grateful for what we already have in our lives. Dragonflies are fast, agile and can hover in one position then move quickly in any direction it chooses, showing us the abundance of opportunities and choices we have around us, if we’re willing to proceed differently to the way that we usually do.
Dragonflies open the gateway to the earth realms of the fairies and other earth-spirits, all of whom support us to imagine, create and manifest the life of our dreams. Choosing to live in and around waterways, we can often observe the dragonfly hovering gently on surrounding rocks and plants, and on top of the water’s surface.
Their reflection onto the surface of the water reminds us that we often make a judgment based on what we see on the surface when really we must look beneath to build a more complex understanding and story beneath it. Using our imagination unlocks our potential to create a life filled with possibility, abundance and creation.
The dragonfly reminds us to stop worrying about the things we have seen on the surface and instead to realise this is simply a reflection of the deeper issues at hand. Combining our powerful mind’s eye and emotional intelligence, we can dream up the wildest most mystical ideas and then dig deeper from the surface and find innovative ways to bring it into reality.
dragonfly illustration sarah wilder the fifth element life
(These are Sarah’s personal interpretations and observations on this animal, and this content is an excerpt from The Animal Kin Oracle Deck by Sarah Wilder. This content is subject to copyright. For personal use only. If you wish to repost or share any content from this website, please contact us at
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ANIMAL KIN DRAGONFLY oracle card spirit animal the fifth element life

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