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duck meaning sarah wilder the fifth element life
Kin Essence – You already know enough to guide others
Although the duck has many natural predators, they approach life with calm alertness, ready at any moment to fly, run, paddle or ‘duck’ underwater to safety. Ducks are connected to the earth by their need for water and water-loving plants. Their omnivorous diet consists mostly of algae, plants, fish, insects, worms, amphibians and grasses that are found in and around water.
Renown for their intercontinental migrations, ducks have an instinctive inner barometer they use to know the precise moment at which to change locations for maximum benefit to their species. Not only do they flow in sync with the seasons, they trust their intuition above all else to guide their next moves. Ducks migrate in family groups, remaining in the same flying formation from take off to landing.
The young ducklings learn the lay of the land as passed down teachings from their parents which allows them to memorise landmarks for future reference. This can be interpreted as a reminder that no matter where you are called to go, you can still find peace in knowing that you always have a home to return to – providing your spirit with the much-needed security and familiarity it craves.
Ducks have a waterproof plumage which allows for maximum buoyancy and enables them to move effortlessly on the surface of the water. They teach us to not take on too much emotional baggage that will only weigh us down as we move through life, and instead to stay in control by focusing on our strengths, all the while peddling forward with conviction and grace.
duck illustration sarah wilder the fifth element life
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