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divine duality mandala by sarah wilder the fifth element life
This mandala talisman is a physical reminder to maintain balance between both our feminine and masculine energy bodies, as well as more broadly - the perfect unity between the material and spirit world in which we live.
When we acknowledge the duality between both sides of our spirit, we allow for further conscious growth, harmony and balance to occur physically, mentally and spiritually. Our masculine energy body is the centre in which we can find our strength, practicality, passion, stability and protective nature - whereas our feminine energy body holds our creativity, vulnerability, nurturing, wise and caring nature. We need all of this combined to become the multi-faceted being we are meant to be.
Too often we think since we are one sex that we must only focus on the characteristics in which is aligned, however, throughout life we are constantly called to shift our focus and become more fluid in the duality of our yin and yang sides, becoming the perfect mix of both to suit every situation. This is also then reflected in our connection to spirit and matter, our relationship to our physical body vs our spiritual body, and how we continually split our focus between the two in order to maintain the balance.
Notice the symbol contains a star tetrahedron, which represents the Merkaba “vehicle of light” in which we travel. It is the symbol of divine duality - the relationship between two balanced halves.
Call on this talisman when needing a physical reminder of how everything in life is about balance - and that when we feel too far removed from ourselves, we simply must call on the opposite side of ourselves in order to get back into our centre.
Ask it to represent the balance between complimentary sides of ourselves - from masculine/feminine, light/dark, yin/yang, spirit/matter. To remind us that without one, we don’t have the other - and we need to love both in order to love all aspects of ourselves.
Seek solace in your ability to love and embrace the sacred dance between your own divine dualities and to avoid denying, fearing or neglecting one or the other.
Ideal talisman for anyone who is looking to maintain inner harmony, balance and to bring peace to their lives through embracing the challenges or darker sides of themselves in order to grow and further nurture our inner equilibrium.
divine duality mandala sarah wilder the fifth element life

divine duality MANDALA SYMBOL

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