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earth element mandala by sarah wilder the fifth element life earthess
EARTHESS: ‘The Creator’

The EARTHESS is a skilled communicator, always using her talents and knowledge of the physical realm as a means of creating great abundance for herself: spiritually; mentally; and physically. She has an innate instinct of survival; she adapts and learns from her surroundings. A sower of seeds, the Creator nurtures her treasures, watches them flourish and thus is always handsomely rewarded. A grounded mother of the lands she knows best, she is resourceful, creative and humble.

You will notice that within this mandala’s appearance, there is a sacred source energy that uncovers the magick from within, sprouting new growth, direction, and movement. The crystal-like prisms are strong, structural, and permanent, whilst the organic growth around it allows for expansion and abundance.

This is symbolic of the moments when you feel a disconnect between your masculine and feminine energies, and this shows us how to bring in the synergy and connection. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, humbled, strong and wise, whilst allowing your spirit to move in sync with the other elements, helping you vibrate as one with the earth; to tap into her sacred mother, and creator source energy.

When we are feeling out of alignment, especially between what we think or feel we deserve, but which doesn’t quite seem to manifest on the physical plane, we can call on this symbol to remind us of our connection to the all. We are simply a physical manifestation of our soul’s desires, so the key message here is to go within and tap into the source energy of our spirit, and ask why we are physically manifesting as we are currently, and to remove the layers one by one until the ‘gold’ is revealed to us. Once we know why, we know how to counterbalance it; we have an inner knowing of what needs to be done to reconnect us.
earthess earth element the fifth element life


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