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firess fire element mandala sarah wilder the fifth element life
The FIRESS is an inspiring vision, combining her strength, determination, creativity and energy, transforming thoughts into action. She has an alluring confidence and sense of self. Awake and always ready, the Firess seeks, and takes, all opportunities that come her way.

You will notice from this mandala’s appearance that it is powerful, intense, yet full of movement. Like the flames rising from the central core, sparks fly, and new and uplifting energy brings fluidity to your inner flame; a true spark or beam of light in your life! There is also a subtle reference to the symbol of the goddess.
She plays a significant role here because she is so connected to the sun, the moon, and she is the star. A talisman of pure organic inner and outer alchemy, she is on fire within and without, and moves forward with confidence, and enchanting, magnetic energy.

If you are feeling dull, stagnant and lost, this is your symbol of awakening. See that it is only you holding yourself in this space, and although it has served you a purpose, like all decisions made consciously, you now know the only way forward is to stop just ‘talking the talk’, and start ‘walk the walk’. Fuelling everyone else’s flames has yours dulling, suffocating you, and leaving you powerless.
The most powerful gift we have is our own light, and the Firess and her fire element symbol ask that you gather the things that light you up, and to practice them daily.
firess tattoo fire element the fifth element life

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