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animal kin collection the fifth element life sarah wilder
This latest collection, The Animal Kin is a compilation of our favourite animal energies explored through beautiful animal mandala symbols etched into our signature sterling silver talismans.
We have based the meanings off some of our favourite animals from Sarah's Animal Kin Oracle Deck. 
These designs will be launched in pairs over the next 6 months - allowing for you to make your choice easier and hone in on the animal energy you really feel called to tapping into in your daily life with ease.
Use these symbols as a reminder of the essence of your chosen animal and evoke this by tapping into your own connection, memories and intuitive feelings connected to it.
We encourage you to weave your own personal story into your talisman for further potency, too! If it is a significant animal to you, choose to assign your own meaning to your talisman!
We will not be revealing the entire designs until they are ready for their own individual release - if a particular animal calls you, choose it!
All designs are being produced in limited quantities.

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