I have created some basic tools which have helped me to create change in my life, on my terms. Coming from a jewellery and accessory fashion background, I wanted to design something that I not only was proud of, but also was something I could use in my everyday life to help me grow, learn and make great things happen. Something affordable, special, unique and so spiritually switched-on that no matter what happened next, I knew the universe would feel all the positivity oozing from my creations and I wouldn’t ever have to worry about their success. I am simply trusting the process, and planting the seeds and nurturing them with all that I have.

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My attention was then focused to mandalas – a form of artistic expression using geometry and symbolism which keeps a hidden message and represents particular stories from the creator. They are particularly helpful in therapeutic and religious contexts, and I wanted to harness the beauty, simplicity and universal acceptance of this form of design in my work.

I have designed 20 unique mandala symbols, all of which carry a beautiful message in their symbolism. Without using cliches or religiously restricting themes, these mandalas are simple, aesthetically beautiful and universal. Anyone, from any walk of life can find their own special message in their design. Its all about using this symbol as a vessel to remind you of what it is you want, and helps you get it. Each individual is encouraged to find their own meaning, fashion their own message for their own life.

I have designed a beautiful range of rings with each of the mandalas etched in, as a talisman or totem to wear everyday, or on the days you need the extra support from your mandala and its message.


As a guide, I have provided positive affirmations and words linked to each mandala, to help the wearer understand its initial foundations. Each mandala is associated with a specific classical element, and the word assigned is one that spoke to me as a message of that mandala. Again, these messages and words are to be used just as a guide for those starting out on their manifesting journey, as you develop your relationship with your fifth element, you might find that you see a different message or meaning, and this is also encouraged. The only truth is whatever you believe!

So, how do you know which mandala is right for you?

There are a few ways to decide on which ones to use in your manifestation journey – my favourite is by letting your intuition choose for you.

How can you do this?

Simply check out the graphic below which displays all 20 of the mandalas, without any key words. Scan over the images and ask yourself which one you feel most drawn to. Which one stands out? which ones do you connect with? Usually, this one is the one you need most right now. It might even surprise you how accurate it is!

Give it a try! Which number are you drawn to the most? Once you have decided on a mandala, keep note of the number and then click on the image to see the word associated with that mandala.

numbered range

Now, check out the messages from each mandala – how in tune is your intuition? was it accurate?

If you aren’t satisfied with what your intuition picked, of course you can choose one that you just like the look of most, or one whose message speaks most clearly to you. There is NO wrong choice! Keep the word in your mind, and see if it is still relevant once the range is released!

The rings are now available to pre-order! wahoo! click the icon below to purchase.
happy manifesting xx