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I designed this symbol and associated mantra 'awake and aware' as a talisman dedicated towards my big awakening in 2012. Over the years I've experienced plenty of loss and challenges, as well as spent a fair bit of my time trying to 'find' myself or at least reconnect with my spirit.

During my awakening period I attracted MANY others who were experiencing similar shifts (still do) and we supported eachother through the discomfort and re-membering process.

This symbol is all about reconnecting with your own intuition, spiritual body and a holding that new found awareness in the forefront of your mind when moving through all the shedding, releasing, transforming and deep inner work and growth.

I'm someone who really should meditate daily to stay in my highest power and is something I neglect and make excuses for not making my daily ritual. I wear this most days and the intention for doing so is so I remember to continually do the work, for it never actually ends. You don't wake up one day and then your automatically 'spiritual' - it's a relationship, and it takes work and attention. Just like your relationship with your body and mind - so too with spirit.

Drawing on my own experiences and desire for a physical reminder of my ever-evolving awareness of my reality, I wrote this meaning to match the energy of this design.

'This mandala talisman is a physical reminder of your ever-evolving spirit, self-awareness and new level of consciousness. So often in life we find ourselves shedding old conditionings and going through shifts that enable us to adopt a completely ‘new’ perception of our reality, changing us forever. When we experience a spiritual awakening, we often dedicate our lives to becoming move evolved versions of ourselves and this can entail many new beginnings and endings, leaving us often open and vulnerable as we grow. Call on this talisman to hold space for you as you expand and remind you that living awake is the ultimate reward.

Notice the references to the third eye in the mandala design, an ode to the inner wisdom we seek and know as our new truth.

Call on this talisman when needing a physical reminder of your new found awareness and vibrational upgrade, particularly when feeling challenged and need to rise above our conditioning.

Ask it to represent an important aspect of your sacred life, and to gently and constantly remind you of your own spiritual awareness.

Seek solace in your ability to know what is your own personal truth, and not that of any other. Trust that what you are experiencing is true for you and what your soul desires in this lifetime.

Ideal talisman for the truth seekers, indigos and students of the universe.'