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Mandala for Nepal


I know a lot of us have been heavy with the devasting occurance of the recent earthquake in Nepal.


I also know we can often feel helpless and carry immense amount of grief, sadness, helplessness and sorrow for things that happen to the planet beyond our control.

The feeling that sometimes we simply cannot fathom how harsh life can be for others, while we sit in the comfort of our homes with our loved ones.

I have been sitting with this grief, a survivor's grief of sorts, and thought there must be more we can do to not only lift up our own spirits, but to also heal our hurt for these people and our mother earth.

We need to put our energy to good use, into a movement that creates a shift to enable rapid healing on a collective scale.

Energy effects everything, however I know the simple 'pray for Nepal' comments and social media images do show we care as a nation, it doesn't take us INTO this energy, nor makes us truly feel OR heal this.

I instantly knew to draw a mandala for myself to work through these heavy feelings, and soon realised that this shouldn't just be for me. I want US to all work on this healing mandala in show of support for the people of Nepal, the collective and for the earth, who is quite obviously hurting, too.

I ask that you please simply purchase this instant downloadable colouring PDF file, invite you to join in this creative mindfulness activity to help yourself and show your support to those in need, and encourage you to share it with your friends and family to join in the universal healing.

100% of your donation will go towards a lump sum donation from me, on OUR behalf to Seven Women - A volunteer based not-for-profit organisation who are currently not only providing direct emergency aid into Nepal, but also plan to help teach the local community how to rebuild their lives once the time comes.

My personal goal is to reach a collective donation of $10 000 by the end of next week. I cannot do this alone, I need your help to spread the word and ask your friends and family to donate a small amount of their time, energy + currency to this cause. Our compassion is what unites us a species, something we often don't use enough. 

This donation is the cost of a coffee, and this mandala is enabling us to express our true feelings and help lift the burden we feel by the heaviness of this natural disaster.

Thank you in advance for your support, donation and for joining in the healing mandala task, I so appreciate your efforts.

If you share, please hashtag #mandalafornepal so we can all join our art together in one special online space.