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The Pyramid - said to represent


A sacred shape amongst many ancient cultures, originating in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, a symbol translating to “House of the Divine Principles”, the pyramid has been widely embraced as a very sacred + spiritually linked shape + tool for cultures over centuries.

Pyramid power have been researched extensively over the years and has been found to have many amazing healing, self development + preservation qualities. Such as: Preserving foods (yep, it’s even said that keeping bread in a pyramid shaped box makes it last longer!), improving health, increased spiritual awakening + heightened vibrations (to name a few).

All that aside, I know personally I have always felt really drawn to triangles + pyramids - for both aesthetic and intuitive reasons - so I thought that the most beautiful way to not only showcase your TFEL talismans in a pyramid shape, but to create something that actually served as a tool during cleansing, clearing + meditative rituals, too.

Our beautiful pyramid boxes are designed thoughtfully in Australia, brought to life by hand by a family run business who support their local community based in India (something increasingly important to me is ethical sourcing.)

As these boxes are all handmade by craftsman using some recycled materials - each box may have some small cosmetic imperfections (blemishes, welded joints, cosmetic scratches and chips) and have all been inspected by our team before sending forth to their owner and are fit for their main purpose >> display pieces, and charging boxes for rituals and sacred practice.

Dimensions: 6cm x 6cm x 6cm

Materials: glass, mirrored glass and brass with silver finish

Packaged in corregated cardboard box outter + hand cut foam insert to protect them during their transit to me, and then onto you. (I reuse the original packaging to reduce wastage and prevent contributing to more landfill).


PLEASE NOTE: As these are not sterling silver or weather protected, exposure to outside elements such as wind, water, salt, air and humidity may cause the pyramid to tarnish, rust or crack. Please keep this item in a safe, indoors area for most of it's life, and bring out when using for cleansing, charging, meditation and ritual practices. You can clean the glass using a microfibre cloth or glass cleaner.