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Want to be a Soulpreneur with me?

soulpreneur beach
I'll admit, I've been turned off the word for a while now.... (I think it's because I've found mine?) Think about it....We look for words, signs and symbols of things we are seeking out in our lives, and then maybe they lose their power or pull over us once we find whatever it is we are looking for? Does that feel true to you too?
This is my biz sisterhood (well, a part of it). I'm blessed to have been pulled in by the word "Soulpreneur" in a similar way some 4 years ago.... You see, I no longer aligned with my fashion industry career and craved something that made me feel reconnected to myself and my work again. I wanted to feel alive and in control of my life.
After a year of following the signs and submerging myself in learning and growing and getting to know all the dark corners of myself, I birthed The Fifth Element Life.
One of those signs was to attend the very first Soulpreneurs events hosted by Earth Events back in 2013.
This is where many things fell into place and the stars aligned and helped me to see what I was missing in my life - like-minded community, aligned resources, spiritual practice and soulful connection to my work. 
Four years on, I now pass on my learnings to the amazing Soulpreneurs students and community and I'm thrilled to be a guest teacher in this amazing business course like no other.
If you know me, you know I don't just do things for money. Yes, I have an abundant business but I also have a fierce loyalty to my community, my ethics and myself. This is why I absolutely adore my dear friend and mentor Yvette Luciano and why I back her creations 100000%.
If you have wanted to learn more about how to build a business or career based around a soul yearning to do things that light you up, I cannot recommend the Soulpreneurs program enough. This is me with some of the amazing students, standing on the beach at sunset a few weeks ago doing a beautiful releasing ceremony together with the full moon.... these guys really know how to unite the online world with real world and genuine human connection. Learn more about this amazing course here.
sarah wilder soulpreneurs

A few years ago, if you had told me I would be a public speaker, I would have laughed (even cried!) at the thought! But, as you know, life has a funny way of making you grow from your weaknesses and fears and transmute them into your potential. 

The founder of Soulpreneurs Yvette has been my unofficial mentor and best biz bud for a few years now and saw something in me that I never acknowledged myself. Her gift is in connecting with others and in turn reconnecting people with their truth, just like she did mine.

I'm so grateful to now be her self-proclaimed Soulpreneur Poster Girl!

What’s a Soulpreneur? It’s someone who chooses to rise up and work their light in a soul- driven career or business. There is so much goodness in this amazing course she has created, in fact, it's much more than a course. It integrates inner peace, purpose, prosperity and helps with creating platforms for a positive influence in the world. Think business with spirit, which is exactly what I'm about! 

I have completely found my tribe with the Soulpreneurs platform and share heaps of my learnings and advice as a guest teacher in the program on how to sift through all your ideas and make them into something that allows you the freedom to live a life you really want to get out of bed for each day.


PS - If you do decide to join up, let them know Sarah Wilder sent you xo