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The Fifth Element Life


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Want to work more intimately with the magick of our exclusive mandala designs in your day to day life? Gain insights, clarity and guidance using these beautiful crystal creations by Sarah Wilder.

TFEL Mandala Sacred Symbol Stones (aka oracle stones) have been created to help people bring more mandala magick into their daily self empowerment rituals, helping to provide insights via the symbolic inscriptions and intuitive guidance both from the provided guidebook and the intuitive developments of the reader.

Each stone is linked to a word, spirit animal and classed under the classical elements - earth, fire, water, air and spirit - to help identify and understand each element of our lives and how to work with their energies.

This bundle includes:

25 x crystal flat stones - size is approximately 20mm x 25mm x 7mm - 20 white jade, 5 hematite

{White Jade properties: Pulls relevant and constructive information forward, aids with decision making}

{Hematite properties: Stability and grounding crystal - used for protection during psychic and spiritual practice}

1 x 60+ page guide book

1 x black storage pouch

ACCESS TO THE 'Sarah Wilders Sacred Seekers' Group on FACEBOOK - Where everyone can discuss and practice reading together, and have access to Sarah's input during your learning journey (optional)

EXCLUSIVE First access to THE SACRED SEEKERS SOCIETY - A new platform in development for training rescources with Sarahs new products and services

These stones act as a gateway into your subconscious, to bring out intuitive insights into your world and to the world of others. They are designed to be personal empowerment tool for anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and how to use your own psychic and intuitive abilities.

They are to be used similar to oracle cards, where you have a prompt on the card to interpret, and can then reference the accompanying guide book for full breakdown, meaning and future insights.

Sarah will be developing an ongoing training series, workshops and guidance with using this new creation - as it is something completely new and unique on the market, we of course understand that our beautiful tribe of #sacredseekers will be looking for support when using, working with and learning these sacred symbols.


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